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  1. johhny

    85cc suspension

    yo i have a 2004 rm85 and i used to have a yamaha 85 and a kawi 85 but got sold and the suspension is excellent on the kawi and yam but not as good on the suzuki has anyone tried slipping some kayaba forks on a suzuki 85??? pleez let me no if i should do it
  2. johhny

    best 85

    RM 85 everyone says yz or cr because they have no powervalves and have harder hitting power but let me tell u somthn, suzuki and kawasaki are the way to go just because yz and cr hit hard thats nothin. you can actually get scared of it. RM is really smooth in the powerband which makes me feel comfortable and ride it way faster same goes with my kawi but the new 2006 cr85 has an okay powerband they made it a little smoother but same powa THE VERDICT: RM85 or KX85 way to go my opinion the RM.
  3. i heard the yz85 and kx85 have the best suspension (kayaba) and the cr85 and rm 85 arent as good because they have showa. has anyone ever tried slippin some kx85 forks in to a rm 85? will this work i wonder................
  4. i heard that the yz 85 and kx 85 have THE best suspension in the 85 class (kayaba) and suzuki and honda have showa has anyone ever tried to slip some kx 85 forks on a cr85? or a RM85? i wanna do this but dont know if im gonna waist my time.
  5. johhny


    i was just askin! im not gonna trade anyway with the money hes giving me im buying a xr and spending like 8000 on it
  6. johhny


    yo what up? i have a Q. some guy in the classifieds in california want to trade me his 2005 thumpstar pro for my 2006 CR85 stock with some green on the side. how good are thumpstars? are they just like the chinese peice of craps? oh and uhh one more question do all the parts on the crffiddy fit on the thumpstar? (i wanna go takegawa DOHC and takegawa complete three speed tranny, thats right the $1000 one) TAKEGAWA ALL THE WAY!!!!
  7. johhny

    2006 CR85 suspension work

    yo i have a 2006 CR85 and will ve goin into racing in june now CR85's suspension is meant for agressive riders and im a little light weight i need my suspension set for a 83 lbs rider i need it set for both the shock and forks i was wondering if any of you guys know where i can get it set any major companys only please i dont want just like a little shop i want like the factories ive tried those on my yz85 any suggestions appreciated.
  8. johhny

    ???? Kx250 ????

    i dunno what yeer kx 250 i just bought but it looks exactly like this http://www.nightmare-racing.com/82kx250.jpg will a 1988 kx 250 throttle cable fit it? or if not what will?
  9. $200???? NO WAY thats wack what do you have if you have like a CR250 then thats like saying its only worth 700
  10. dude it does have VF3 reeds thier just not in the pic i bought em like a week later they were $140
  11. johhny

    Weird Motor

    it is pretty funny but still gay and cheep
  12. johhny

    Wierd Jetting question

    shame, shame , shame if i were u id blow that carb up or it will do it itself........... cheap knockoffs....
  13. yea it seem like maybe 1300 for it but umm yea i love cycle trader thats where i got it when it was bone stock i might put it in there
  14. johhny

    I wish my 70 looked like this!!

    its getting work done at the shop im getting a manual clutch ill take pics when i get it bak
  15. johhny

    Bike Build for the Midsize class!

    lol it looks like your front doesnt have any travel and ur BMX bars are sweet cuz it makes it look ghetto riggd haha lol