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  1. mike450exc

    Hows this gonna work?

    I bought the TB 88cc kit for my son, who is 7 and about 55 lbs. TB support told me the HV oil pump is NOT needed for our usage: trail riding. But if you are racing it, or an adult is riding it, you should have the HV pump (per TB).
  2. mike450exc

    tb 88 kit

    Thanks! -Mike
  3. mike450exc

    tb 88 kit

    I'm installing this same kit now. Can anyone tell me where to find the main jey? Thanks in advance! Mike
  4. mike450exc

    TTR125 stock suspension setup

    Thanks everyone for all of your advice! With the adjustments I've done so far, it makes a HUGE difference. Once she gets out of first gear and goes more than 10 miles an hour over varied terrain, then I'll worry about her stressing the stock suspension and upgrade the springs.
  5. mike450exc

    TTR125 stock suspension setup

    My wife just got an 06' TTR125LE as her first bike. At this point, I do not want to put any money in the suspension. Does anyone here have any suggestions on how to set up the stock suspension for her? She is 5' 6" and 140 lbs. I set the front fork preload to the 2nd stiffest setting and I shortened the rear spring by 7.5mm to increase the preload. When she sit's on it, it sags only about 2". I'm fairly new to dirt riding and I've only set the sag on my 450 EXC, and wasn't sure if I follow the same guidlines (same sag distance), or is there another target sag for the TTR125? Thanks in advance for the help!
  6. mike450exc

    New TTR 125LE

    Just curious - was this dealer south of San Francisco (near Burlingame or San Mateo - not sure where). I got a quote off the internet for that same price from a dealer somewhere around that area and, if its the same one, I was wondering what you felt about your overall experience with the deale?
  7. mike450exc

    What To Buy, A 400, 450 or 525EXC?

    Not yet. I bought a needle from the dealer with the bike, but I don't know if the JD jet kit would be a better option. The needle did make an improvement in the popping on deceleration, but it still pops.
  8. mike450exc

    What To Buy, A 400, 450 or 525EXC?

    I bought a 450 EXC last September and it is only my second bike and I've been riding for 2 years. I thought it was going to be too much of a jump from my XR250R but I actually find it to be a little sleepy at lower RPM's and then there is a big mid-high-range hit as mention in a previous post. Since late last year I've wondered if I should have bought a 525 as it might have more linear power delivery and can be lugged better. I did install a 13 tooth front sprocket and that helped a little. I've never ridden a 525 so it's just food for thought. I'm 6' 180 lbs. I like the bike a lot but may consider a bigger bore for the next one.
  9. mike450exc

    450 EXC v. CRF 450x

    I was comparing both of these bikes and ended up buying the 450 EXC and I love it so far. I have not ridden the Honda but I did check it out at the dealer side by side with the KTM and the Honda definitely feels bigger and wider. This dealer also said they had a lot more prblems with the Honda in that people who bought them were buring up the valves. The recommended valve adjustment for the Honda was every 15 hours, where it is roughly every 30 hours for the KTM. The clincher for me was that the 2005 450 EXC won every comparison that I saw in the magazines. In fact, this dealer had 2 EXC's left and they were overstocked with the Hondas so I could have bought the Honda for $600+ dollars less, but I still went with the KTM. I spoke with a guy at the trails where I ride who had a 450X and wanted to sell it and buy the KTM because he did all of his own work on it and said it was very difficult to work on it.