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  1. Ale_Capone

    any downriver MI guys

    taylor here!! there are a few decent spots. in taylor, but they are disapearing fast! one is the old resevoir rigth next to the train tracks henry ford wanted to electrify.. they have been moving earth for a year now to turn it into a subdivision... pretty intereesting terrain right now. there where some trails just south of 94 and east of telegraph too. i used to live rigth on oak and telegraph, and felt like i was up north there was so much atv traffic at times. but, from what i here.. romulus IS where it is at. taylor i losing all it's open space anyways. i mostly go out to oakland county...
  2. Ale_Capone

    Tomahawk Loops

    i am going to go up may 20-22... sounds like i better take the b loop myself.
  3. Ale_Capone

    Question about titling vehicle in MI?

    no problem. it's been awhile since i have been in the rencen, so i am not sure which tower is which. awesome view you have up there... cept for the fact that it is looking downriver.
  4. Ale_Capone

    who in michigan south east does suspension

    i just dropped my front forks off at tech-care suspension in waterford, yesterday. quick turn around. i'll have them back before this weekend... could have gotten them done for me today, but i tolod him i could wait til friday. http://www.tech-care.com/
  5. Ale_Capone

    michigan not in the midwest?

    i haven't worked in five months.... kinda sucks not getting payed to pooh. but then again, i pooh when i want. i don't have a scehdule to keep.
  6. Ale_Capone

    Question about titling vehicle in MI?

    there is a secretary state within walking distance of the ren cen... if you can get in there at any time other then lunch you are usuually right in and out. i beleive it is on washington across from cobo hall.
  7. Ale_Capone

    michigan not in the midwest?

    krispy kreme's good enough? thanks for the welcome
  8. Ale_Capone

    i am converted!!

    almost.. i sent my hubs and hoops off to EC wheels for the full treatment. hopefully they make it back quickly!! i am coverting a husky 350 wxc.. it' all ready street legal, but i am have been rolling around on the stock dirt bike sized rims with some dot knobbies. not the best choice for commuting through detroit. ecspecially crossing the grated draw bridges! not really looking for any advice, but i will take it. i really only have one question. my biggest concern is whwat am i doing to my clutch? is riding on pavement with no slip putting too much stress on the stock parts? i do ride pretty spirited... but i am also barley pushing 175lbs fully geared.. so far i haven't had problems, but i only have about 250 road miles. i love the reaction i get from kids when they see me. i hear 'poppa wheelie' in my sleep now. not that i ever do.... wouldn't want to be a bad example. i even get looks from the cops. i haven't been stopped yet though. i don't think they really care. i actually look forward to riding to work now. most fun i could possibly have riding to work at 50 mpg's... thanks for any replies!
  9. Ale_Capone

    michigan not in the midwest?

    So, this is where you guys have been hiding out!! I have been lurkin around TT for about a year maybe?? I checked the midwest section for local guys, but i seen nothing.. whoda thunk michigan wasn't in the midwest?? other then people who look at a map and see michigan is nowhere near the west. Maybe i should learn to read... any how, Hello locos!!