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  1. I am a forum noobie and a 4-stroke noobie. I bought a 2000 model TC610 that had been abused by its former keeper, and I have been trying to nurse it back to health. So far I have replaced the shock, forks, plastics, seat cover, and wheels and I was going to try it out tomorrow. When running it last week sounded a bit rattly to me, more so on the cam chain side, so I thought I would replace the cam chain. I don't have the workshop manual (can you download this?) but I had a look through the forum to get some tips. Anywho, I thought I put it all together OK, got the cam chain in and lined it up with my marks on the flywheel and impeller and the dot on the top cam sprocket was back in the same place... So on goes the rocker cover, primary drive gear, then I notice the engine won't turn over and now the cover won't come off. I did notice some slidey bits inside the rocker cover that I had to move out the way to make it go back on, so probably its them stopping it come off. What are they and how do I get them out the way so I can get the cover off? How should I put it back on properly to stop this from happening? I would really appreciate some help. I will now be in the shed tomorrow instead of getting used to the 4stroke torque and engine braking you just dont get on a CR500.