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  1. 1) 2004 6.0 Diesel Super Duty F250 FX4 Lariat Super Crew. Donahoe Racing 4.5" Lift, 35" Toyo MT's on 18" Harley Davidsons, Road Armor front Honda killer w/ Warn 9500Ti, Whelen 90 watt Undercover Strobe lights and LED's at all 4 corners. 1) 1997 Chevy Silverado Z71 Ext. Cab 4x4. Borla Dual exhaust, K&N Intake 3" lift, 33" Maxis Bighorns, Warn M8000 on front, on a custom removable front class III hitch, KC daylighters/Hella foglights mounted on a Pro Comp pre-runner bar, Alpine CD deck/6-disc, 350 watt Sony amp, 10" Kicker Substation, Galaxy 10 Meter radio (modified), Wilson 5000 on top, Whelen 60 watt Undercover Strobe lights at all 4 corners. 1) 1977 F-150 4x4 LB. 351M, NP435, NP205, Flowmaster Exhaust, 8" Superlift, 38" Super Swampers on 15" Alcoa's, Detroit in back 9", 5:13 gears, Borgeson Steering shaft,Cobra CB (modified), Kenwood CD deck, Warn winch bumper/Warn 9000 on front, Pro Comp Lights, Wig-Wags , Delta aluminum toolbox. 1) 1984 Dodge W-250. Dana 60 front w/ Detriot, 5:89's, full 35 spline chromoly shafts, RockSlide Engineering Diff gaurds, Dana 60 rear, 5:89's, Full drag spool, 4 wheel Custom disc brake conversion, Custom 2 piece front driveshaft w/ pillow block, 38" Swampers, Allied Beadlocks, Propane Injection, Flowmaster Exhaust, Full hydraulic steering w/ HiSteer arms, Warn modified bumper w/ Warn 8274, Chevy 63" springs rear, Ford 57" springs front, F250 shackles, shortened frame/lengthend wheelbase, no doors, removed 90% of body/bed w/ Sawzall, Chevy 3 core radiator, JVC CD deck, 10" Infinity sub, Custom roll cage, rock sliders, anything I didn't custom fab was stolen, Custom Tellico mud & rock damage. And then my DRZ400S and my Polaris Scrambler 500 4x4. This would explain why I don't have a girlfriend.....
  2. pyro57

    Lovin' the new DRZ!! A rack, tho?

    Thanks Wolf. I just ordered some mirrors from DayStar. They look great, and like they'll hang on for a while. I really liked the inginuity (spelled??) of the "railroaders" but I'd rather fork the few extra bucks to get the real dealio.I really like that idea.... HHmmm.... Maybe I could figure something out....
  3. pyro57

    Tach for a drz400?

    I run a Tiny Tach. They're cheap, last forever, waterproof, vibration resistant, pretty much indestructable. Cons- Can't see 'em at night, (no backlighting) and they don't give instant readout of RPM's. There's a couple second or so wait until it reads the RPM's out on the screen..... Other than that I love mine, and once you get used to it, it's a nice thing to know what the squirrels in the case are doing....
  4. pyro57

    Lovin' the new DRZ!! A rack, tho?

    Hey Wolf. Where'd you get those mirrors? I've never seen those before. That's a beautiful idea... My stupid aftermarket ones don't stay adjusted for nothing. (the stockers were missing when I bought it) Lemme know... I'm an drenaline junkie, but getting the piss scared outta me by a truck passing me that I didn't know was there isn't my idea of fun, exactly.
  5. Anybody got an extra rack laying around they wanna part with? I haven't really got to shop around too much. As I can tell on this forum, ya'll know your stuff and I'm glad I found this website. I'm gonna have tons of dumb questions. Just got my DRZ-400S a few months ago. I've put over 900 miles on her so far. Besides the seat, I've no complaints. I'm definitely not a motorcycle-know-it-all, but I REALLY like this thing. It's more fun in the dirt than on the road, so , I know that's good. I need a place to bungee my valuables. You know, like, my camping gear and dog and stuff....... Suggestions or ideas???? BRING EM ON!!!
  6. pyro57

    Best Looking DRZ Ride Awards

    Those graphics are sick
  7. pyro57

    anyone got a stock seat to part with?

    I'm in the market for a good used gel seat. The kind of T shaped that gets wider in the rear of the seat will work...... Email me. JW
  8. pyro57

    Aftermarket Seats?

    Any reccomendations on an aftermarket seat that you can actually sit for more than 30 mins on the street w/out killing your ass? The stock 2x4 just isn't comfortable enough for any longer than a 15 minute ride.... Thanks.