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  1. terecks

    1999 XR250, vs, 2000 XR250

    It appears there is a 20lb difference between those years. I have been told that they went to a 4 valve head in 2000, but how did that add so much weight ? Just looking at the specs, the 1995 - 1999 xr250 weight is 229.3lbs. A 2000 is 255.7lbs. the pose It also seams the the 2000 lost a few horses and needed higher rpm's to get the same torque. Here's a comparison link: http://www.motorbikes.be/en/compare/3309/3311/[/url] Anybody know the what the deal is, is this info correct?
  2. terecks

    Cheapiest Place to buy XR Plastics?

    Try these guys: http://www.maier-mfg.com/ Good luck
  3. terecks

    XR600R carb issues

    I have taken the carb apart, cleaned the bore with 1200 grit - very smooth, throttle is like butter when not running. I am kinda baffled.
  4. terecks

    XR600R carb issues

    I have an '88 XR600R with CR500 forks, a supertrap/jets, baja street kit, and I love it!. The only issue is, it seems to have a worn out carb in that, as vacume builds, it gets sticky - like the slide has slop in it. Has anybody seen this before, could it be some venting issue ? If the carb is shot, I guess I am looking for a good used one, or any suggested upgrades etc. On a different note, can anyone tell me how much better a KTM 450 would be than a XR400 for over all fun, low maintenance, and of course ride comparison.