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  1. olly

    Jones'in for another DRZ125...

    hey, my drz has the oversize carb, rm susp, pipe, cam, big bore, frame cradle and it's lots of fun. Look on ebay for your susp, and save $$$$.
  2. anyone ever had a problem with 5th gear slipping, or any tranny problems on an 06 yz250f
  3. anyone ever had a problem with 5th gear slipping, or any tranny problems??
  4. olly

    need help DR.DRZ carb question????

    i have all the mods u mentioned, big bore, cam, open intake,... so maybe the 58 is the key to my answer. It's really close to being where i want it, i'll keep tring till i get there, thanks for your help olly
  5. i got the sudco carb off u awhile back and a need alittle help dialing it in. Mid to top end feels good but the bottum end needs some work. I have the needle that comes stalk in the two brothers carb. I put the clip all the way to the leanest position. when i rev it and let go it doesn't snap right back to idle, kind drags on alittle. Also the air fuel screw is turned way out to 3-4 turns (which leans it out the more u turn out) I know this isn't a two brothers carb and it looks different to yours ie(choke assembly, and main jet size) , I put the 50 pilot jet back in itfrom a 55 , helped alittle. Any suggestions olly
  6. olly

    sudco pe24mm carb reviews??

    i got the best results with my sudco carb by using the 50 pilotjet, 118 main jet and putting the needle in the leanest position. The needle is the same one in your carb dr.drz. I would like to try to get a 52 pilot jet and go to the next leanest needle i could find. Does anyone have a part # for these two items. I have the 55 pilot but think it's alittle rich. These numbers are alot different then the two brother carb. Havung a hard time getting any of this stuff in canada. Last time i called sudco and tried to get a 52 pilot they said they were back ordered months??? THe carb feels like it's about 90-95% to it's potential. Good look guys and keep me informed.
  7. olly

    sudco pe24mm carb reviews??

    it has 143cc big bore, pipe, and hot cam. When i saw the picture of the guy who did the rm100 conversion his choke looks different and the jets that came stock were different sizes too. THought that was weird... olly
  8. Just put one on and can't figure out why it's not running much if any better then stalk. I've tried lots of different jets and needle positions but it doesn't run that good. I had best results with a 118 main, 55 pilot, 3rd clip. Anyone have better results then me. thnks olly
  9. drz125l front wheel fit kx100 forks??? I'm looking into the conversion, so what can i keep from the drz in order to make the forks work properly. thanks olly
  10. hey guys, need a few specs for the motor. THe Valve cover, and the head. thanks. Having trouble finding manual
  11. olly

    drz125 slower then normal????

    ya it is the blue version....lol I basically narrowed it down to the piston and rings needing to get replaced. I decided to go to the 143 kit and see what happens. I have race cam and pro circuit pipe to go on too so it should run great. (hopefully)
  12. i have an o5 and my buddies is an 03, and his is notissably faster then mine. Mines also louder which i thought was odd? They both have the same mods and i even switched carbs around and it made no differnce. I was thing maybe the timing was out and it's firing at the wrong time, or maybe the exhaust vavle isn't closing fully. I've check the valve clearnce and it's in spec, i'm confused a heck and out of ideas. Has anyone ever had this problem.
  13. well i just did my first valve inpsection and noticed all three intake were slightly below speck, so i shimmed. The exhaust i didn't touch. THese are my new tollorences, and are they ok or should i try to get closer to within speck. manual says intake 0.0039-0.0059 exhaust 0.0067-0.0087 Intake .005 .005 .007 Exhaust .006 .009 thanks for your time
  14. my garage is not heated at the moment and it gets pretty chilly in there at night, will this have any affect on my bike. Thanks olly
  15. Just purchased an 03 yz250f with not many hours and mostly stock. Went riding for the first time on a four stroke, man they are so much fun. We were riding an indoor place in michigan and the track was very tight with us mostly using 2nd gear. Went there last week with my buddies 04 kx125 and the difference is unreal. Very pleased with the bike so far.