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  1. terble250

    New Head/Valve Shim size issue

    I think I thought since the head and valves were supposed to be new, the left and right would have been closer to each other and use something closer to a .175--but it sounds like maybe that's just how it's supposed to be. Thanks for the reply's tho. T1
  2. terble250

    New Head/Valve Shim size issue

    I finally got around to installing an '07 head w/ valves on my '04 CRF250R. Everything was pre-assembled before it was sent to me, and everything went together well. I was told all the parts were new. When I went to shim the valves, they were further off then I thought they should have been for being brand new, Intake R=1.60/ L=1.70----exhaust R=2.15/ L=2.25. I'm especially concerned with the right intake since that's the problem valve. My question is, was I perhaps sold a used head that had been cut down? or are these numbers typical for a new head/valve set up? Any info you can give me would be much appreciated. T1
  3. terble250

    Marysville MX closing

    Scott's a business man (and rider as well). I'm sure he see's the numbers Riverfront pulls with it's current set up and he's not willing to change that. Everyone's got a favorite, and it will be nice to still have two local choices, regardless of who's running it.
  4. terble250

    crf450 video..Prolly gunna piss you off...

    Ok..I just clicked on his myspace link---because I have nothing better to do...and the guy is 18 and from Arkansas..I'm not sure there's anything else to say...but it certainly explains the behavior...I guess his parents wouldn't let him film him and his sister making out. Woops...did i say that out loud? My bad.
  5. terble250

    Quad rider eats $#@! hard

    I could watch that all day long..............
  6. terble250

    Shiw kit

    I wouldn't buy the whole kit unless your gonna shim your bike, the neigh's bike, your buddies bike. (you get the picture). There are about 10 online shim calculators you can use. You put in what your clearance needs to be, put in where it's actually at, then put in what size shim you currently have and presto...it will spit out the size of the shim you need to put it back to spec. Shims run about 6 bucks each. Also, most dealers will swap your old shim, for the new size you need straight across. It's worth checking into. Take that $70 dollars I just saved you and buy your lady something nice, I'm tired of always having to get her stuff.
  7. terble250

    DirtRider keeps getting better

    Luser, I knew I could count on you to chime in! I did enjoy my new DR issue thanks. My pants and jersey have never smelled better, and now, I've got swarms of highschool girls (in Fox clothing) coming by my house begging to see my new superman seat grab. It's a good time to be me.
  8. DirtRider keeps getting better Let me first say this has nothing to do with the article about the TT bike. So if your still pissy about that, start your own thread. I posted last week about some questionable subscribing tactics used by DR, and alas, was lucky enough to receive the latest issue today. (the cats happy, he gets a new litter box liner) As I thumb the pages, I realize I may actually want to keep this issue. They must have been reading my mind when they did this Months "How To" section and included "how to wash your riding gear" and for riding tips covered the ever popular "superman seat grab". Leave it to DR to have their finger on the pulse of the riding community. I'm just hoping they get around to the "how to remove a staple" article, and for the sake of my ball sac the "how to prevent ingrown hairs" story.
  9. terble250

    Fox Customer Service / Helmet Issues

    I'm here in California, and I deal with Fox on a regular basis, (as well as Shift). And I've found it's more or less useless dealing with whatever high school girl they're paying to look pretty at the front desk. First off, she's usually related to some other employee, so there's the bulk of her qualification. What you may want to try is (depending on where you got the helmet) take it back to the retailer, and they will show it to their rep. I'd feel comfortable saying maybe 10% of retailers buy direct from Fox. They go thru a rep that also sells A-Stars, Asterisk, Dunlop, etc. The upside, (at least here in California) is that all the reps ride. And they're usually pretty decent riders. That being said, they also crash---so they know the program. Let them know what happened, and in the end what your looking for. And be honest. If the helmet is ruined, see if they can give you a deal on a crash replacement. Not free of course, but they have some room to deal (usually about 35%) and it's good service. Most reps have a budget to work with , for comping stuff, warranty, etc. It never hurts to ask. But your right. Every helmet manufacturer site I've been on says something to the effect of, "if you think the structure or integrity of your helmet is in question, send it back for inspection." I guess that sounds alot better then, "if you crash, please send your helmet back with an additional $450.00"
  10. terble250

    Dirt Rider does it again

    I think my favorite part of your idiotic statement is how you start with "oh you pu**y babies" then finish with, "this is not a personal attack". Maybe you can go run with scissors later. You missed the entire point of my most. I didn't mention a single thing about Dirt Rider and Thumpertalk, so I'm not sure where you got those comments. Secondly, Dirt Rider didn't have my money already, the subscription was a gift. My concern was the way they attempted to extract money from me the way they did. If this happens when you choose not to renew your PLAYGIRL subscription then you can have your own thread called "Playgirl does it again". There, feel better?
  11. Last year I was given a subscription to Dirt Rider as a gift. So once I month I wander to the mailbox, grab the mail, and if Dirt Rider shows up the kitty box get a fresh liner--no big deal. Then I start getting these "renew now and save" letters...blah blah blah...needless to say, I take a vote, and even my cat wanted better stuff to crap on. So I pass. So today I walk out to the mail box, and I get a Collection notice...from Dirt Rider-- Strangely enough..it's for the amount of a subscription---interesting. So I call the collection company, but no option to yell at---i mean speak to a live person. But oddly enough, there is an option that says, "if you never ordered the magazine, press 2" Something tell me if they have that option this is common occurrence. Anyone else ever have this happen? Amazing what DR will do to get/trick someone into subscribing. Now had that been for my Club subscription......
  12. terble250

    My dad and Valves

    You may want to remind your dad that your referring to a motorcycle, not a car. Typically, you get a 'tick' noise on your car (certainly so with Honda/Acura and other imports) when it's time for a valve adjustment. The valve set up for cars traditionally allows them to get loose, hence the tick. But on your four stroke, 9 times of of 10, your valves are gonna get tight, and you'll never really notice and audible change. Your gonna get the typical "my bike wont start" or "Bike will only bump start"..by then your well on your way to needing shims and other things. A set of feeler gauges is about $6.00...the manual is pretty detailed. Also..alot of people use the MotoPower DVD's..they basically walk you through the process, and you can watch how it's done. Checking the valves is about a 30 minute job tops. Tell pops to handle it now, or it's gonna cost him later.
  13. RHC sells the complete head (with his coated intake valves/stock exhaust valves/springs) fully assembled for $610.00 (not ported) I got mine in the mail last week and I'm still trying to find time to install.
  14. terble250

    replacing front sprocket!

    Transworld showed a cool trick that I used recently. Take the handle of a basic hammer (or anything resembling it i guess) and lay it across the top of the swingarm/through the spokes of your rear wheel. Will hold the wheel in place while you take the front sprocket off. Puts way less tension on your spokes then coming over some 50' table top.
  15. terble250

    Striped out cam holders

    That certainly may explain why honda doesn't sell it separate.