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  1. kickstart my heart-Motley Crue
  2. wow this thread is very helpful, thanks guys
  3. getting hurt sucks man... im am curently in my 4/5 broken bones from riding. i broke both of my wrists 2 months ago... my left is healed and good but the rights takin a little longer than expected. should be good by the 225th heal up man
  4. so badass
  5. from personal experiences this is a major tip after a good crash. falling twice on an already hard hit helmet sucks
  6. nah im all set on the boots, thanks anyway. but little update, got my left cast off so i can work on the bike again, tore into it to grease everything.... kinda sucks only being able to use 1 hand tho, the rad that was straightened
  7. got my 05 bone stock, barely ridden, plastics werent even scratched. 3200. their out there just be patient, i waited 2 years to upgrade from an 85 until i found what i wanted
  8. its an awsome bike and you deff wont regret getting a honda. thats what it was likee when i got it. everything was still shiny, even the backside of the rear fender by the air box, where little dirt residue would get was spotless. just rember to be patient it will pay off
  9. yep, had an 08 crf450, sellin too never even filled the tank 1ce
  10. the buster are crooked so it dosent hit the clutch lever
  11. the guy also had an 08 450 he was sellin, even if it didnt have 3 rides on it, idc, what i was moslty concerned with was that its bone stock, and maintained, although some of that wear on the covers was from me, first few times i rode it were trails around here for abour 4hrs a time
  12. that was from me ridin, brand new boots, the leather wore on the frame, came right off after i washed it, the case was from my boot too, the guy i bought it from was one of the guys, as soon as the tire knob isnt square anymore replaces the tire
  13. been lookin for a crf for a few years now, waitin to find the one i want, currently rode a 03 cr85, awsome bike but loved my firends 250f, so i found this 05 in the paper, 3 rides on it... completely stock. went, looked, bought 3200. ive checked everything and trust me its stock, valves all in check, stock chain (but new tire). so i got it and rode a few times, unfortunately went out on a day that was a little too ice and cross rutted goin down a hill and got thrown onto some frozen rocks:thumbsdn: bent up the rad and peg but that was it, got the rad streightened and pressure tested, i was about 10 miles from home and got to ride home with 2 broken wrists (not major breaks 2 small bones) im healin and cant wait to get ridin again. p.s. flatland rad guards are on their way:thumbsup: and got a bunch of other partd like air filter, seal savers, ect before the crash After crash
  14. im 15, 5'6" and 130lbs... i feel small, but i do love my crf.
  15. i personally would keep the 250, if u have to get a lower for the suspention linkage, soften the forks/shcok, or even shave seat foam if u have to.