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  1. Best place to buy new radiators for 2000 YZ 426? Also who makes the strongest radiator guards?
  2. grips03

    suspension shop recommendation

    Well I rode the YZ today and it was much better than before. Really smoothed out the bike. The front however, seems a litttle soft in turns, i.e. I turn in and it kind of folds rather than hold steady. Perhaps I'm just not use to it and this is the way it's suppose to be. grips03
  3. I let the bike idle and then turned in the fuel screw and it started to miss, I then backed out the fuel screw to where it first started to get steady, and then backed it out a 1/4 turn more. So now my fuel screw is at 1.5 turns. If I ride the bike at this setting I get little to no bog, but I did a playing at 2 and 2.5 turns and for some reason 2.5 turns is very strong; front wheel pulls up fast, but it has a little bit of bog too it. At 2 turns it's a little less strong and still has some bog to it. Does this make sense? Thanks, Dave
  4. grips03

    suspension shop recommendation

    Thanks for all the recommendations. I set it out to Factory Connection and got it back today. I checked the front forks and they still compress 4 inches if I sit on bike and press front brake and push down on the handlebars. Do they just work like this? I won't really know how they are working till tomorrow, but seems strange. Thanks, grips03
  5. I just installed the JD jet kit with blue needle with the clip on the 3rd groove from the flat blue end (that's the top, right?), 170 main, factory pilot, and 1.25 turns on the Zip-Ty fuel screw. Idle seems a bit rough, but I think I need to ride it a bit more, is the idea to turn the fuel screw a little bit in or out to smooth the idle. I ride in CT, at ~ 500ft. Thanks, grips03
  6. When I got my 00 YZ426 in 2000, it use to have a snap to the throttle, but it would stall trail riding. So I installed a 12oz flywheel weight, now no stall when riding, but I can stall the bike if I snap throttle too quick. Would the BK mod fix this or should I get an 8oz weight. My brother in law has a 03 CR450 with the 8oz weight and I can hardly tell its there. Thanks, grips03
  7. My 2000 YZ426 front and rear suspension is tired. The front forks compress by just pressing down on them and the rear doesn't feel much better. I want to send the front forks and rear shock out to fixed. I've never done this before; can someone send me a suspension shop recommendation and a list of the things I should look to get done; valves, seals, springs, oil, cleaned, etc? I weight 220lbs and do trail riding in CT/MA. Thanks! Dave
  8. grips03

    Moose or JD jet kit?

    Thanks all, I ordered the JD Jet kit from TT today. Dave
  9. What's better Moose or JD jet kit? Thanks, Dave
  10. The front and rear suspension on my 2000 YZ426 is tired. I want to send the forks and rear shock out to get cleaned, oiled, etc. I've never done before; can someone send me a suspension shop recommendation? Also what should I have done? I weigh 220lbs and do trail riding in CT/MA. Thanks, Dave
  11. grips03

    00 Yz426

    When I first got my 00 YZ426 I use to stall when trail riding. I installed a Terry cable 12oz fly wheel weight and Renthal 13T front and 51T rear, now no more stalling problems. In order to change/clean the oil filter I changed my head pipe to high mount White Brothers pipe that allowed access to the oil filter. The WB head pipe has been getting smashed up a bit so I bought a full GYTR exhaust on eBay and swapped the whole thing out. I've change the handlebars for Protapers and Answer top triple clamp, installed Works frame guards, GYTR front rotor guard. Replaced my stock air filter with a Twin Air as the old one was getting nasty. Installed Moose throttle tube and Acerbis hand guards. As far as issues I have with the bike they are idling causing head pipe to glow red, losing coolant due to overheating on 4 hour rides that has a number of slow sections, hard to start sometimes due to drop(s) and the suspension has never been that great, but softening up the front clickers has helped. Now I found this website and it seems like the BK mod (help with bog), blue wire mod (helps with starting), 450 exhaust cam mod (auto compression release), and jetting should have been too. I've not run into the front brake nor clutch being crap yet, but I'm no pro rider either. Do all these mods really work, will the casual trail rider know the difference? I thought my bog issue was due to flywheel wieght being added, am I wrong, should BK be done? Does the blue wire mod really help? I don't mind the current start up procedure, but then again I've been doing it for 5 years and don't know any better. Thanks, Dave
  12. grips03

    00 Yz426

    I own a 00 YZ426 and for the last couple of years I've been getting a popping sound out of the exhaust. I just installed a brand new GYTR Carbon Fiber Titanium Full Exhaust. I still get the popping. I also seem to be overheating a bit, in that the titanium headpipe starts to glow with only a little bit of idling. Can these issue be fixed by changing the jetting? Right now the jetting is stock. Also is it safe to wrap the headpipe with exhaust wrap? Thanks, Dave