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    Could i get a lilttle advice

    Yes i have a 2004 KX250f havent had it long bought it used recently. When i first got it it run fine for a couple rides then it got to where it wouldnt Kick start..when i would try it would start to Backfire every so many kicks..only way to start it was to Push it...but even then that got hard to do..so i checked it out and it seemed like i needed new shims...i was running a 285 shim so we tryed to sand it down that way we could get good clearance on the Shim bucket and the cam....after all that and getting it in time we tried to start it and it started off the first kick but was having alot of noise...After a couple ride it went back to the same shape it was in...So i went and bought a New timing chain Shim bucket and also went down to a 245 shim...after we got that in we had a clearance of .002 on one of intake cam and .005 on the other part of the intake cam...After we got done tried starting it again and couldnt get it to even start..back to the Backfireing every so many kicks..even tried to pull start it that failed as well..would not fire... My question is does the clearance on the cam have alot to do with the starting issues if so How much lower on the Shims should i go...Or any other advice would be Helpful Thanks plz reply if you have an idea