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  1. Greetings! I'm a C class vet rider, 5 11" and 180lbs. (without gear). I mostly trail ride as well as ride the track (practice only) 1-2 x per week. I'd really like to to get serious and focus on woods racing. My intentions are to set my bike up for GNCC and Hare Scrambles. I have a few questions I hope you folks can help me out with. 1. Can my suspension be set up for GNCC type racing and still handle hitting the track for practice? 2. With setting my bike up for the woods, I will most likely wind up getting an 18" rear wheel. I now have the stock 19" on there and would like to know if this will require another set up when I install the 18" or can it be adjusted with the settings? 3. With my weight and being a Vet C rider, will the stock springs be fine for what I would like to have done? My bike is an '05 KX 250 if that is needed to help answer the above questions. I realize this is a 4-Stroke forum, but of all the sites I have visited and been reading, this one is by far the most informative. And... I'm sure you guys and gals have all had 2-Strokes at some points in your lives! So please don't hammer me. Thanks in advance!