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  1. I have a 505 sxf, running hot. antifreeze spews out the overflow within a minute of starting and while I ride. Air is out of the system, and changed out the cap with same results. my guess is the jettiing is off. anyone know what it should be before I open it up. I am near NY city, 0 elevation, 50-80 degrees. I didn't try changing out the antifreeze for engine ice or something till I figure out the problem. thanks, Edwin
  2. will it work??? I already have one laying around. not sure if I would need the exhaust modded. it is stock, can I open up the muffler, dont want to put more money into this bike. I would maybe run a pod filter as well, looking for mostly dry street conditions.
  3. Eddie, Does that mean that I wouldn't be able to make it work for the drz. thanks, Edwin
  4. I can get a fcr 40 from a 07 rmz 450 I want to put on my 07 drz. I have a full yosh exhaust and just snorkle removed, no 3x3. I am located on long island, NY just over sea level 60-80 degrees. I run mostly streets and track days, 80% street, 20% dirt. How do I jet the bike, like you say for a fcr 39??? any recommendations? I am considering a k&N pod type air filter?? and/or drilling holes in the side air box?? any suggestions as I am sure you have tried it all. thanks, Edwin
  5. steepisgood

    00 426 c/b gear and key fitment ??

    grayracer, thanks for the response. the key looks perfectly square but the drive gear has no splines and and the drive gear fits loosely with the key at the crank. also, it is out of round on the crank because the key appears to make it out of round when fitted. Help!!!
  6. In the process of rebuilding the motor the counterbalance gear is not splined like it should be. I have the key but fits loosely to the crank. does it have an insert sleeve with splines like a transmission. I don't see anthing like that in the bike bandit schematic. Am i missing a part or what?? thanks, Edwin
  7. steepisgood

    16 18 or 20 offset triples???

    I will try it, I have been meaning to do it on my 05 Husaberg FS 650 supermoto. I guess I will try on the ktm first. thanks, Edwin
  8. I have an 07 ktm 250 sxf for mostly motocross, maybe some sm in the future, but would like to try the 18 mm adjustment. i have some 16-18 triples also that I could consider trying. can someone get me some basic info on changing the offset, advantages and disadvantages..... I thought the lower the offset, the better the turning, but someone says this is not true.
  9. anybody know where I can find the base settings recommended for the bike and motocross, 175lb, b rider. thanks, Edwin I was thinking about setting everything down the middle and try from there.
  10. steepisgood

    lowering and stiffening cr 85 forks

    thanks, that sounds good. I'll keep you posted. Edwin
  11. steepisgood

    lowering and stiffening cr 85 forks

    I am interested in lowering the forks 2" for supermoto. where can I get the shims and instructions to lower these forks. thanks, Edwin
  12. steepisgood

    2006 sx250f cuts out w blip of throttle

    I have the same problems with my 07 250 sxf. anyone know how to jet these bikes so the start easy and kick arse. Edwin
  13. Wondering how bad the supermoto suspension would be for local mx track. my suspension is stock sm wp suspension, similar to that of a ktm 450 smr. Would it benefit me to swap out my sm suspension for some FE (enduro) suspension for mostly mx riding. I am an advanced sm rider and a good intermediate mx rider. thanks, Edwin
  14. steepisgood

    rear shock same as cr85???

    wondering if the rear shock off a 04 cr 85 will bolt onto a 150r? also, I read that the swingarm from a cr 85 doesn't fit? anyone know specifically why? can it be modded to fit? thanks, Edwin
  15. steepisgood

    03 cr85 engine in 96 cr frame

    thanks, Edwin