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    DR650 Studders and stops running

    I have a 2007 dr650 completely stock with approximately 10,500 miles on it. I bought it new and no one has touched it except me. The problem that I am having is that the bike starts and when I start riding it has a surge. After about 5 minutes of riding it starts to cut out like it is running out of gas. Opening the throttle when this problem starts does not do a thing - it just dies. At wide open throttle it runs good but at an idle it dies. This problem just started about two weeks ago. My guess is a fuel problem - it acts as if the engine is not getting gasoline. I checked the fuel filter in the carb - no obstruction. I pulled the petcock and it was clean - fuel ran out when on Prime and it did not run out on Fuel or Reserve. When I had the tank off I blew air through the vacuum line that runs from the gas tank into the carb. I was able to blow air through the hose. Is the vacuum line supposed to be air tight ? Should I be able to blow air through that line? Is this the vacuum line that causes gas to pulled into the carb ? Could this be my problem ? I will take another look at this tomorrow morning as well as take the gas cap apart and clean it out to make sure the vents in the gas cap are not plugged up. This is the first problem I have ever had with this bike. I am not a good mechanic and I don't really want to spend a bunch of money at the dealership for a carb rebuild if I do not need it. Thanks in advance for any suggestions you can throw my way. RandyC
  2. RandyC

    DR650 Studders and stops running

    Guys, thanks for your feed back. It is very much appreciated. I used to have money to take my motorcycle in for service but the Affordable Health Care Act has caused my insurance to go up $400 a month so now I am having to learn to do a lot of this work myself. Yes, I did remove that little filter in the carb and it was hard to get out. It was clean so I put it back in. Also I have searched the internet and found some Youtube's and some other self help guides that I think will help me get through this problem. From what I have seen I should be able to do it - I will see. If I can not fix it then I will take it in. In case some one else has this same problem here are some links that will help: Guide to clean the jets -http://dr650-mods-reviews-tips.sportsontheweb.net/images/Simple_carb_mods_DR650.pdf Youtube -https://video.search.yahoo.com/search/video;_ylt=AwrSbpw.ls1UzeEAZmtXNyoA;_ylu=X3oDMTBsOXB2YTRjBHNlYwNzYwRjb2xvA2dxMQR2dGlkAw--?p=dr650+carb+rebuild Thanks again for your help. I will post again with progress. Randy C
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    DR650 Studders and stops running

    Update. The bike still starts and then gets to running bad after it is warmed up. I cleaned the fuel cap and started the bike with choke on.While bike was running I pulled the vacuum line off of the gas tank and I put my finger over the end of the hose. I could feel the vacuum in the hose so the vacuum appears to be working. My guess now is that the jets are probably gummed up or varnished over and that is why this thing is running so bad. This bike is 5 years old and its not the miles but the years without cleaning the jets - especially with the new ethanol gasoline. I am not sure if this makes any sense but my bike sits on my carport and all these problem started after a hard freeze one night. My plans now are to take it to a dealer and have the carb rebuilt. It will probably cost $200-300 for dealer to clean and rebuild. I will keep you updated. RandyC
  4. I am posting this because it may help someone who had the same problem I did with my DR650. I have a DR650 that I bought new in 2007 and it is completely stock except I had the dealer drill out the plugs on the underside of the carb and richen up the gas. I never had a one problem with this motorcycle until I had to let it sit up for six months due to working out of state. When I got back the battery was dead and after I got the battery charged back up it did not run real good. I figured it was bad gas. I ran the gas out until I had to turn the petcock to reserve. When it was almost out of gas I filled it up and it seemed to run better. The only problem was that it started surging at WOT and it would die at idle at red lights. I turned up the idle and it did not die as much but it still died and it had the surging. I got on this site to see if someone had the same trouble I was having. I found people who had some of the problems but not my exact problem. What I did find out was that was that surging was probably caused by uneven gas flow and the stalling could be the same thing. Here is what I did. I cleaned the inline filter. The filter was not dirty. While I was cleaning the filter I decided to check the flow of gas coming out of the gas tank. When I checked the flow I noticed that the petcock was still on reserve. I did not think it would have mattered. I checked the gas flow in the On position and no gas came out. I checked the gas flow on Prime and gas poured out. I checked the gas on Reserve and no gas come out. I put the filter back in and decided to gave it a test run with the petcock in the Prime position because I knew that gas was flowing through that setting. No surging or stalling in Prime. I switched to On position and again no surging or stalling. I switched to Reserve and it surged and stalled. I switched back to On and it did not surge or stall. Since 2007 when the motorcycle was new I have never used the reserve setting. The petcock must be plugged up in the reserve position. Since the carburetor uses vacuum to pull the gas into the engine this would explain why it was surging and stalling. It seems to me that if the Reserve was plugged up this would starve the engine and cause the surging and stalling. I will get a new Petcock the first chance I get. RandyC
  5. RandyC

    Better gas milage with higher octane

    I have a stock 2007 DR650 which usually gets about 48mpg with 87 octane gas. I started running 92 octane and the gas milage went up to 52mpg. With the stock gas tank I usually fill up at at around 100 miles and it is usually about 2 gallons which equates to about 8 miles extra per tank. The cost is minimal but I was suprised at the better gas milage. Have any of your ever seen your milage increase by switching to a higher octane ? Thanks in advance, Randy C.
  6. I have a '05 KLR650 and a '07 DR650 and the DR650 runs at 80-85 mph without any problems, the KLR seems to run out of steam at 75mph. For freeway travel the DR is just faster so I was wondering if many people have traveled for extended trips on the freeway and did they have any problems overheating or major oil usage. My KLR seems to burn oil past 75 so I wanted to see if there were any problems with the DR650. I plan on taking the DR650 on a thousand mile trip to this spring and was trying to plan ahead. Thanks in advance for your response, RandyC
  7. RandyC

    how fast is the dr 650?

    I owned a DRZ400s and traded it in on the DR650 because the DRZ was just too busy past 70mph. The DRZ was a great bike but the DR650 is much better on the highway. The DR650 is geared real tall and I run it at 75-85MPH all the time without it sounding like it will fall apart. I ride 80%street and about 20% fire roads. Each to his own but the DR650 is a great all around bike and it fits my needs and driving styles just perfectly. Randy C
  8. RandyC

    Anyone go from a DRZ to a DR650

    I saw your post and thought I would put in my 2 cents. I have a 2005 KLR 650 and a 2007 DR650. I traded my 2004 DRZ400S for my DR650. I love the DR650. The DR650 is not water cooled or high tech like the DRZ but for me it is a better bike. I ride 90% paved and 10% offroad. The DRZ was really good offroad but not too good past 70mph, it had too much vibration and seemed like it was straining. My DR650 has no problems running at 80-85, (my KLR is a lot slower than my DR650). I really think the DR650 is faster than the DRZ. The DR650 is a mechanically sound motorcycle with an excellent reliabilty. I am getting around 50-58mpg on the DR650 and I got about the same on my DRZ. If I had to pick only one between a DRZ400S, DR650 or a KLR650 I would pick the DR650. Longest trips. DRZ 280 miles DR650 400 miles KLR 750 miles if it matters I am 6'1" and weigh about 190.
  9. RandyC

    DR650 info

    I read your question and thought you might like to hear from someone who has had the DRZ400se, the DR650 and a KLR650. I still have the DR650 and the KLR650 I sold the DRZ400se. I do mostly paved roads with about 20% fireroads and the DR650 wins.The DRZ400se was really a good machine but it was not so good past 70 mph. The DR650 does 70 mph no problem and I run it at 70-85 mph all the time. I have a 2005 KLR 650 and a 2007 DR650. The KLR650 is paid for is the only reason that I am keeping it. If I had been given the chance to drive the DR650 before I bought the KLR 650 I would never have boght the KLR. If you do a lot of off road riding the lighter drz40se is better than the DR650. The DR650 will do trails but it is a much better all around bike than the DR450se. I am really with the DR650 and don't really know why they get underated so Much ???? Hope this helps. RandyC
  10. RandyC

    new 2008 zook Dr650Se reviews

    I have a 2005 KLR and a 2007 DR650. The DR wins hand down. It is lighter, faster, it has better brakes and it is a lot more stable on the freeway. I have had no problem running at 80 mph for hours and it still has power left. My stock DR does not wobble at highway speeds like the KLR does and it does not have the 'dohickey' problem like the KLR does. I have read all the comparisons by people who by their own admission have never ridden a DR but still say a KLR is a better motorcycle. Their remarks is DR is better offroad but KLR is better on the road. The DR is much better offroad but in my opion it is much better on the highway as well. I really don't know why peple like the KLR more ??? By the way I have also had a DR400S and I like the DR650 much better. The DR400S was reving too much past 75 but the DR650 is running just fine. Good luck on your search and if you wind up with a KLR it will be a good bike but just not as good as the DR Randy C
  11. RandyC

    My first DR650 and loving it!

    Congrats DR6fifty ! I picked my brand new DR650 today. I got the black one. It started raining while I was driving it home so I will have to wait until tomorrow to see what she runs like. I have a KLR650 and I have always wanted to know how the KLR compares to the DR650 . I have read this site and others about DR650 vs KLR650 and now I will find out first hand. I put 8 whole miles on it driving it home and I can already tell that it feels much lighter and the brakes are much, much better. The turn kill switch is better on the DR650 and the seat did not bother me that much because my back side was still used to the DRZ seat. I can't wait to put some miles on it and see what it will do. I think I will be real happy ! Randy C
  12. I have a DRZ400-S and a KLR650 and if you are going to do a lot of off road riding get the DRZ. I have done 400 mile trips on KLR and felt fine. I have done 200 mile trips on DRZ and felt a worn out. The wind will blow both bikes around, but the KLR is more comfortable to ride when the wind is kicking up. The gas milage is great on both (50-60 mpg) but the KLR is great for distance traveling because of the gas 6 gallon gas tank. My main reason for buying these bikes is because they are tall. I am 6'2" and 200lbs and these bikes fit me. To me they both have a very relaxed riding position and they both have a lot of wheel travel for taking bumps and pot holes. Both are completely stock and the only thing I have thought about is getting a gel seat for the DRZ. As far as reasonable life expectancy for these bikes I expect 20-25K out of DRZ and 25-30K out of the KLR. So, IMHO don't try to make a KLR out of a DRZ. If you do mostly trail riding get a DRZ if you plan a lot of road travel get a KLR.
  13. I have a new DRZ400S and I can tell you first hand that higher octane does make a different. My engine was knocking and pinging so much I thought there was something wrong with it and it only had 300 miles. I read the reviews in this site and decided to switch to high octane. I switched to Shell 93 octane but I don't think the brand name matters just the octane rating. Ninety percent of my engine noise stopped when I switched to high octane. The other thing I did was not to run in high gear below 45 mph. My DRZ runs great now.
  14. RandyC

    drz vs. klr

    I have both bikes. The DRZ is better on the trails but I don't like it on the freeway. It is to light and it does get blown around a lot. Both get excellent gas milage 50-60 mpg. The biggest difference is the gas tank. KLR can go over 250 miles without filling gas tank, DRZ about 100. Longest trip on DRZ about 150 miles on back roads at 45-65. Longest trip on KLR about 500 miles 45-70 all kinds of roads. The engine is more responsive on DRZ but I don't feel comfortable much 0ver 65. The KLR is slow but it will cruise at 65-75 all day but again I don't feel comfortable past 75 on it. I got the DRZ because it is smaller and lighter and great to get around town on but I would not take it on an extended trip. Many in this forum have and have no complaints.
  15. I was picking up some parts for my KLR650 and looking at new motorcycles. The salesman said he had a new '03 DRZ400s he was trying to get rid of for $3000. I did not set out that day to buy a motorcycle but I could not pass up the deal. I have 210 miles on the DRZ now and thanks to this site I have had all my newbie questions answered. It had a hundred miles on it before I changed the oil but I feel better about it after I changed the oil. I really like this bike. I had it at about 90% throttle a coulple of times before 50 miles and since the oil change. Now I am just driving it normal which is really about 45-60 mph most of the time. I just wanted to say thanks to the people who make this site work. Thanks !!!!!
  16. RandyC

    Radiator Fan? Has yours ever come on??

    I am a new DRZ400S owner and I sure am glad I found this site. I have 210 miles on my new DRZ and have been riding a lot in town and in stop and go traffic so I thought something might be wrong when the fan did not come on. I have a KLR650 and if I am in traffic or sit at a light to long my fan comes on so I was expecting the same from the DRZ. My fan never has come on the DRZ and from reading the other reponses that is typical so I am not going to worry about it. Thanks for the question from a newbie. RandyC