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  1. iskall

    Switching from 10" to 12" rear rim

    You've done your homework dude First of all: If you read my post again you'll see that I wrote SDG Pro Mini knock offs. So the answer is no, I do not say that it's a real SDG Pro Mini on the picture. I guess these tiny flaws are what you'll have to accept on a knock off, right? After all it costs a third of the real SDG pro mini. As I said, i do not encourage people to use this one to race, cause it's a midsizebike.
  2. iskall

    Switching from 10" to 12" rear rim

    Well, judge for your self
  3. iskall

    Switching from 10" to 12" rear rim

    That's right. There's a lot of discussion about this here in Sweden, where we're trying to form a complete set of rules. Everyone seems to agree that max 12" front, and max 10" rear is the way to go. The wheelbase is an issue though - people want to compete with SDG Pro Mini knock offs equipped with 12/10. We'll see what happens when those bikes arrive.
  4. iskall

    Switching from 10" to 12" rear rim

    If you want it to be easy you might as well try a 18" inch rear rim and a full size frame to go with it... ...or you could just stay with the 10" rear wheel and let it be fiddy.
  5. iskall

    SDG Pro Mini with 12"/10"?

    So you guys think I should go for it? The wheelbase will be about 7.8 inches longer than the Speed Mini, and seat hight about 1-2 inches higher, according to SDG. I still want it to be a fiddy, so to speak. I'm afraid these differences would take the honor from me when I dominate the track Bought it from a local dealer in Sweden.
  6. iskall

    SDG Pro Mini with 12"/10"?

    Hey guys I recently got the opportunity to buy an SDG Pro Mini. I currently own a Pitpro (Picture). If you look at the picture, I think you'll recognize the bike. We are arranging some races and such, so I was wondering if you think it would be fair if I raced the other guys with Pitpros, with an SDG Pro Mini with 12"/10"-wheels. I know that the Pro Mini has larger displacement, but we're already allowing 125cc-bikes into the main class. So what I'm wondering is if the bike would be noticeably bigger, ie. longer wheelbase, taller, and so on. What do you think about the whole concept? Is it a good idea? Done before? Feel free to post what you think in General about the SDG Pro Mini, too. Thanks in advance for any useful input!