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  1. what size spoke wrench for pitster?
  2. How do you know what torque setting to use for different wheels? That could be a handy tool for me to have,but it is very $$$$
  3. Thank you for your help thecrkid
  4. Like I said before, I locktited everything I put together, checked chain adjustment, lubed chain, torqued the bolts I put in to manf specs, rode the bike and checked bolts again and looked over the bike. I just didn't think to check the spokes. I don't mean to bash pitster, aside from a few little problems I'm happy with the bike.I just want to let other new pitster owners to know to look for loose spokes during assembly , because believe it or not, not everyone knows everything about bikes. Most people buy new bikes from a dealer, and the dealer does the assembly and checks for these things. I'm sure it happens with all brands of bikes.
  5. where can I get one of those?
  6. I checked over everything else pretty well,locktite on bolts etc., I just never thought about the spokes. This is the first time I assembled a bike from a crate and they don't exactly come with instructions.Now I know to check spokes for tightness out of the crate, Hopefully others will read this and check theirs before they get bent and lost like mine. It's not really that big of a deal to fix, I'm just frustrated that I haven't got a chance to ride this thing anywhere but the street and my yard.
  7. Well I guess I know now,but hind sight is 20/20 if you know what I mean.
  8. Well, I almost made it to the track. I just cranked up the bike and started to ride out to my cousins track and heard a clanking noise. When I stopped and looked down the rear spokes were hanging out and bent up around the rear disk. I tried to salvage it but there are spokes missing and bent etc. This is after only riding it around the yard a few times breaking in the motor. Ive heard of tightening spokes after racing or jumping but I've never had a bike where the spokes fall out when it's brand new. So where can I get spokes for this thing and how do I prevent this from happening again?
  9. OK I just changed the oil and I really drained it good,tilted the bike back and forth letting it drain. The manual says it takes 0.6 qts, mine drank almost a full qt and still is not at the top of the dipstick! I didn't want to put in too much so I stopped there, I guess its better than having too much. Also my back brake supply line, the one from the resivoir to the brake lever, was cooking on the pipe.I tied it back with a ziptie but its still damn close. It looks like maybe its too long and the slack curves up too high. Check for clearance on this.
  10. I just ran down to the bike shop and got some motul, the parts guy also recommended it. Thanks
  11. whats the best oil to run in a pitster? I assume you can't run sinthetic because of the clutch, but is regular motor oil ok or do I need 4 stroke motorcycel oil?
  12. I bought a metric tap set and cleaned out the threads with an 8x1.25 tap. It seemed to work fine, bolt went right in. Just be careful how much you tighten the bolts, i got them just snug enough to smash down the lock washers. I used locktite on everything else I put on and was just careful not to over tighten. Also be careful of the bolts on the side of the skid plate where it mounts to the motor, the bolts are actually too short.I stripped those easily, then I just screwed a longer bolt in and locktite it and it worked fine. Be careful on any of the bolts that screw into aluminum, the bolts into steel parts seem to be ok.other than that the bike seems alright, although I haven't put it on a track yet Ive just been pissing of the neighbors doing laps around my block breaking her in.
  13. Actually my pitster arrived this afternoon it's pretty nice. the quality is actually better than I expected.The only small problem was the skidplate/peg mount bolt was sticking out and when I installed the pegs the bolt wouldn't screw in. The threads were not tapped right, so I'm going to get a tap and re thread the hole. I asked about the swingarm because I wasn't sure I would like it, but now that I've rode the bike I like it. It handels sweet I can't wait to get it on the track.
  14. Can you put an 05 swingarm on an 06 pitsterpro? The 06 seems to have a longer chain, but I was more concerned about the shock mount location.
  15. www.mxmotorsports.us $1799 shipped