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    dirt bikes, snowboarding, meeting cool riders
  1. threelittlepigs

    XR650R good for trails?

    i hope this was a trick question............
  2. I'm not racing, so i took a little 130 mile ride, leaving reno,went to fernley, then south to virginia city, the single track section at the east side of the loop, is more like a goat trail than single track, bring plenty of armor, for you and your bikes, and have fun out there, it was pretty sweet yesterday
  3. threelittlepigs

    Anyone listen to music while riding?

    yes, but i would recommend only using one ear piece, then you can still hear if there is a problem with your bike
  4. threelittlepigs

    Advice for Colorado, please.

    get out of colorado as quick as possible, nothing good, will ever come of it....
  5. threelittlepigs

    Where is everyone riding this weekend?

    i'm leaving south reno with 5, riding to fernley, and back.....
  6. threelittlepigs

    Georgetown Wednesday 4/19 pics

    that looks totally sweet, a little less water would be better, but i would love to check that spot out. can Honda riders go there? i tried to hook up with the thumper riders at moonrocks last weekend, but bigbob basically told me that, no loser Honda riders were allowed , i just wanna ride!!!!
  7. threelittlepigs

    can you have your forks done? without ruining the cali sticker?

    thanks for the idea of using the tube guards, as for lowering the sticker,the info on the back says that it is invalid if not placed at the top, and no, there is nothing left of the old one.....bummer, oh well, just another pain in my wallet. at least this kind of stuff, keeps being poor alot more exciting....
  8. i took my bike to reno motor sports to have my forks redone, and they completely wiped out my calif. sticker. are they total rookies, or am i just an idiot? i asked them about it, and they just said sorry, not our problem.....
  9. threelittlepigs

    Moooooonrrroccckkkkks - Saturday 4/15/06

    dog valley and the back side of peavine won't be ridable for at least 2 more weeks, really deep snow on the northwest side, and everywhere in the trees, rode up as far as we could friday, couldn't make it. a big 4x4 quad couldn't even make it
  10. threelittlepigs

    Moooooonrrroccckkkkks - Saturday 4/15/06

    have fun keeping your fires going, it's blowing 50 + right now, great riding, bad for fires, by the way where were you, i say big groups at 4 different spots......
  11. threelittlepigs

    Sand mtn

    moonrocks is always open baby!!! day and night.
  12. threelittlepigs

    Sand mtn

    dude, you have to chech out the ghost town on the other side of the highway, straight across from the main turn out, you may like it......i could be wrong
  13. threelittlepigs

    Classic MoonRoxk PHOTOS of the weekend Superslyko missed.

    Dave king and his road dogs are going to be here Fri, and sat, on their way to Moab,everyone will be here by noon Fri, party of 8, if you guys are really going to be in moonrocks, i'll try to get them to stage in golden valley, and ride into moonrocks, the back way, quick little 23 mile warm up.....
  14. threelittlepigs

    Classic MoonRoxk PHOTOS of the weekend Superslyko missed.

    bigbob, i like you, if you guys come back this weekend, i wanna play, i'll stay in the back hehehe
  15. threelittlepigs

    look at this funny pic of me!!!!!!

    ya, that's really funny, to bad you don't have a d..k in your mouth.