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  1. minojmz

    '07 or '06 YZ 450

    are these pricings for the new ones?
  2. minojmz

    Bolt-on Spark Arrestors

    I have same bike as well but yellow. I couldnt find SA other than promotobillet. so I just bought a fmf slip on for $300.
  3. minojmz

    which yoshi for my SM?

    I have 06 DR 400SM and cant find Yoshi for mine. I want TRC and they only make it for DR400E not S or SM. Are E and SM exhaust same? I was looking at parts unlimited catalog and I couldn't find none for my bike. SM owners I need some help here. I am confused.
  4. minojmz

    supermotard bike? reccomendations!!

    how often do you have to replace the oil on WR? what kinda mod did you do to the bike? thanks.
  5. Me and my buddy used to park our trucks at effendahl (i think that is how it spells) staging area where is in the middle of the trails. I would never ever go by myself though. Have fun but be careful. I used to go out there every week with my WR250. Now I have YZ and need a spark arrestor. Have fun out there.
  6. minojmz

    supermotard bike? reccomendations!!

    i just came back from test riding 06 DRZ400SM and It wasnt that impressive. Maybe I am used to my YZ250F. Maybe dirt and street... It was good on the freeway too. not bad for $6000......
  7. I am currently in the market for supermoto bike and only thing I can find that is street legal is DRZ400SM. and some ktms. I was thinking converting WR450F. what do you guys think? I dont wanna spend too much money. How do WR do on freeway? I would appreciate your inputs. thanks.
  8. minojmz

    Where to sell a Supermoto

    I might be interested. Do youhave some pictures? thanks.
  9. minojmz

    how to go street leagal in WA

    I am thinking about buying wr450 and converting to supermoto bike that is street legal. How is your WR when it comes to highway riding? thanks.
  10. minojmz

    Moses Lake Dunes

    How do I get there from Tacoma? It sounds fun.
  11. I was wondering if there are some graphics for my bike. Since I crashed it a couple of times, I need to hide some scratches. Does anyone have pictures? very interested in buying it if looks cool.
  12. minojmz

    Looking for peep 2 ride with

    I am down for anything right now. I havent been on a bike for a while. This weekend is bad though because of work.but whenver I am down. Tahuya sounds good.
  13. minojmz

    Looking for peep 2 ride with

    Hey man, whats up? shocker and loynz. I am down to ride dirt anytime, man. so I am nancy.. I got me a new yz250f so hit me up guys. I am down for some trail riding too. We need to bring some cfers in here. ehhehe
  14. minojmz

    Where to buy decals for 06 yz250f LE?

    let me know as soon as you get them. please!!!!!
  15. I crashed my bike a few times now. I need to hide some scratches on the side fenders. but since LE, It is hard to find one. Team blue is no problem but for LE, Help me out!!!!! please BTW merry Xmas people.