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  1. Australia_Thumpa

    Opinons on Proverts comapred to Thumpstars?>

    Guys i cant decide on whether to get a Thumpstar 06 or the new 125cc Provert.Even though this forum is very thumpstar bias i beleive the Proverts are excellent? Damo
  2. Australia_Thumpa

    New 2006 out what do people think?

    TDX 131cc PRo is American made bike not chinese.Got a email from them today.This was from Omicron that make them. Damo
  3. Australia_Thumpa

    New 2006 out what do people think?

    Guys im from Australia and the new thumpstar 2006 is out.Anybody got one or had experience riding one yet? Damo
  4. Guys i have never riden either bike but are wanting to buy either one.Please give me your opinon on which is better and quicker.I really want a manual but beleive the KLX is a semi auto.opinons wanted. Damo
  5. Thanks Robbo for your help bud! Damo
  6. Australia_Thumpa

    Thumpstar vids wanted to view!!

    Hi there Guys anyone got any vids of them riding a thumpstar 125cc , i cant find it anywhere as im wanting to buy one and see how they go. Ta Damo damo666@westnet.com.au
  7. Thanks guys for your help, and by the way Puttikan get a life ya Jerk! Damo
  8. Can anyone email there Thumpstar 125cc in action as i owuld like to buy one.Email addy is damo666@westnet.com.au Ta Damien
  9. Australia_Thumpa

    You from Australia?

    Hey guys im new to this but im from Perth W.A.Can anyone ehlp me with a deceiosn.Im wanting to buy a Thumpstar 125cc Expert for around $3000 in my town.But im confused now because i have seen the www.sdgusa.com bikes in the usa called the pro mini 125cc and i have also seen the Pro Vert 125cc can anyone offer me there assiatnce if they own one of these bikes.My email addy is damo666@westnet.com.au Thnaks Damo