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  1. Guys i cant decide on whether to get a Thumpstar 06 or the new 125cc Provert.Even though this forum is very thumpstar bias i beleive the Proverts are excellent? Damo
  2. TDX 131cc PRo is American made bike not chinese.Got a email from them today.This was from Omicron that make them. Damo
  3. Guys im from Australia and the new thumpstar 2006 is out.Anybody got one or had experience riding one yet? Damo
  4. Guys i have never riden either bike but are wanting to buy either one.Please give me your opinon on which is better and quicker.I really want a manual but beleive the KLX is a semi auto.opinons wanted. Damo
  5. Thanks Robbo for your help bud! Damo
  6. Hi there Guys anyone got any vids of them riding a thumpstar 125cc , i cant find it anywhere as im wanting to buy one and see how they go. Ta Damo
  7. Thanks guys for your help, and by the way Puttikan get a life ya Jerk! Damo
  8. Can anyone email there Thumpstar 125cc in action as i owuld like to buy one.Email addy is Ta Damien
  9. Hey guys im new to this but im from Perth W.A.Can anyone ehlp me with a deceiosn.Im wanting to buy a Thumpstar 125cc Expert for around $3000 in my town.But im confused now because i have seen the bikes in the usa called the pro mini 125cc and i have also seen the Pro Vert 125cc can anyone offer me there assiatnce if they own one of these bikes.My email addy is Thnaks Damo