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  1. all i know is my 50 with the fast50s pipe is alot louder then my stock xr80 with fmf pipe
  2. I just put on a fast 50s pipe on that same set up its runs good but its just to loud! A 50 is just not a 50 if you cant ride around the hood at 1 am with out some one calling the pigs on you.
  3. Any reccomendations on what exhaust to use with a trailbikes 88 racehead kit. theres just so many out there witch one to go with?
  4. anyone know where I can get some Miller Lite Graphics?
  5. Do you sale the engine Whit the came upgrade?
  6. Your right that is gay iam going to ebay right now
  7. Im going with the Stroker so I can pick up chicks!
  8. Thanks for the info jet !
  9. Anyone know if sano fork are any good ?