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  1. Does coolant have an effect on keeping the engine cool? I know this is probably an ignorant sounding question, but I thought the fluid is soppose to stop the water from freezing. I didnt have coolant in my bike, only water, and it seized up on me. Im just trying to figure out what went wrong.
  2. Is the 98 KX125 cylinder the same as the 97? I need a cylinder for a 97, and dont want to pay to re-nickel it.
  3. Well dont mix your oil 40:1 cause I seized my shit up this weekend.. Know anyone who would want to deal with that? Gotta rid of it now..
  4. Yeah, thats what I heard. Its ugly though. I have to justify why my bike's nose is running everytime I ride.
  5. I use Castor 927 from the Kawasaki Shop. I talked to them about the sludge and they said mix ration 40:1, but im scared to do that... The stock mixture is 32:1
  6. I have a 97 KX125 that I just completely rebuilt. Im getting a sludge (gassy, oily black) that is coming out of the powervalve area. It just drips down. I was getting this before I rebuilt also. Everything is stock on it... Main Jet 160 Pilot Screw 1.5 turns Needle position is stock (Middle) Gas (32:1) Someone told me cause the jetting isnt right, but...im stock. How can it not be right?
  7. I have a 97 KX 125 that I just had the cylinder replated. I put the exhaust valves in (with the gears on it). There is a slice in each one. Im trying to figure out how to set them to correct standards. Its sunday and no one has a manual for sale. Should the sliced portion of the valve be flush with the port?
  8. Ok I pulled my top end all the way down to the crank. On the top part (small hole) of the crank where the cage goes, there is a little where (inside the hole) Not sure if this is bad or what. I really dont feel like splitting the case and getting my crank rebuilt bla bla... Do you think if I put my new cylinder / piston kit in, that will be a big screw up?
  9. cnl83

    Splitting the case to change the rod..

    So a whole new crank assembly...ergggg more money..
  10. I have to split the case to change my Rod. Any tips for a newb? 97 KX125
  11. cnl83

    KX125 97...help please!

    MAN... I pulled my engine down, and I need new piston, rings, renickel my cylinder, and new rod... Im so depressed... any words of wisdom, or good priced parts?
  12. cnl83

    KX125 97...help please!

    I will check again tommorow about the choke thing. I dont want to mistake myself.
  13. cnl83

    KX125 97...help please!

    How can I tell if they are bad before I go and change em?
  14. cnl83

    KX125 97...help please!

    What all does a bottom include doing? Price too