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  1. sammyJHNS

    Fork strip-down

    Cheers lads for reply and great link How ever it all went well over my head (not brightest on the block). Managed to get the forks stripped down -inner and outer and drained oil out of the main body, is that ok just to do that as i can now remove the knacked bushes? If so on re-assembly how much oil do i put back in and does it have to be the same as whats in the inner cartridge? If i ever visit the U.S must remember to bring forks & carb:thumbsup:
  2. sammyJHNS

    Fork strip-down

    Forks on my sons YZ125 (06) have play in them, ordered 2 pair of bushes & seals that i have been told it needs. That's the easy bit i guess:thumbsup: what now and how much/type of oil suitable for enduros. Got the forks out (have worked on forks several years ago but old type) any help/advice appreciated:thumbsup:
  3. sammyJHNS

    Gearbox drive sprocket

    Hi all just bought a 93 import ttr250 and on a general clean up noticed play in the g/box drive sprocket. having removed large nut & lock washer(which were loose) & taken sprocket off there was a few home made plastic washers behind it. can anyone tell me what should be there and if you can buy it. thanks sam