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  1. I have a myspace but dont use it
  2. I sing to Elvis' Christmas Album for awhile. Then i get bored and turn on 106.5
  3. Just say, God works in wonderful ways, and you dont have to answer!
  4. The welding on an 05 CRF 150 looks like it was done
  5. LMAO!!! Thats the gas. Because i already knew the throttle
  6. Damn kids nowadays!
  7. DO YOU LIKE STICKS IN YOUR CHEST???OR OVERSIZED ROCKS???? You would have to be pretty stupid.
  8. They said i couldnt ride the skeedoo in the parking lot!!!!!!
  9. My buggie has 2 horsepower!
  10. Attach floaties to your bike and you will create a new trend.
  11. I still use a horse and buggy
  12. I feel sorry your friend was such a retard, jk, but that is more important than your quad\bike, your life.
  13. I have to go eat my dinner agian. It went down then up and its going down agian.
  14. In 10 years there will be the wheelchair\Dirt bike if people think hard enough.