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  1. Hi, I see all the recommendations, but I am really battling with 'something' on the CRF230. It is a 2003 model with the Power-up kit installed, baffle and snorkel removed. I got the bike second hand with the needle in the last clip (lean), 42 pilot and 110 main jet (wrong jet - short type?). It took forever for the bike to warm-up, so I thought it be a good thing to up the main and richen the needle. Big mistake! I can use jetting from 102 through 132, needle any position and there will always be a point where the bike splutters. Took it with a 132 main for dyno - came back with 120 but still the splutter at 3 quarter throttle and it just gets worse! I played around with the needle after it came back from the dyno with the 120 main jet - but no luck. I didn't touch the fuelscrew at all - so I put the needle back in the second clip - like it came back from the dyno, and now the bike just splatters and bogs from half throttle to WOT. What else can I do? Our local Handa dealers are of no help - they don't even know about the power-up kit and I have alreay taken the bike to a reputable tuner with a proper dyno. Is it at all possible that this power-up kit is not meant for all model 230F's?