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  1. I have not been on here in a long time. Toatal weight loss is 60 lbs. I have been doing zero riding. All was diet and working out. Got a new job with good health plan.Spent 2000 bux on the XR650R. i am ridieng agan. I have a hard time on the xr. I might buy a 450. The XR is fine but I cannot bench press it like I could when I was fat and strong. It does feel good to be skinny. I just have a harder time wrestling a 300 lbs. bike around.
  2. I had the same thing happen to me. I live in Texas and had to get a bonded Title. Cost me 120 extra dollars. Honda was zero help.
  3. Pilate74

    Suspension. XRR vs 625sxc

    mine does the same thing. I think the 650r is set up for high speed only. The bike will take the big hits at 95mph but not a stupid flat rock at 10mph. I am going to spend the bucks on mine and have the suspension done.
  4. Pilate74

    Chain question - XR-R

    My (N. American) bike has stock 110 link chain. I can swap from 15/45 to 14/48 without adding or removing links.
  5. Pilate74

    RAD Wheels

    The I would say that the hubs are. I think the rims are as good as stock or somewhat better.
  6. Pilate74

    RAD Wheels

    I was able to test the rad wheels out during x-mas. I did 200 miles. Most of it was rocky rough dirt roads. The bike took a few big rock hits. No dents in the rad wheels. I am pleased with the way they performed. I think the rad wheels will hold up to dual sport and moderate off road really well. I may order a set for my yamaha 250 and I will try them out in the nasty stuff.
  7. Pilate74

    How do you fix gout attacks?

    I had a attack tuesday. I called my nephrologist and she got me in to a arthritis Doc the same day. I drove 145 miles to San Antoino. It is wendsday the gout is under control. No more swelling very little pain. I will go for a two mile run in the morning. A good dose of prednisone is all it took. I am going back later in the month to see about my options for prevention.
  8. Pilate74

    Mom wants a scooter!

    4 dollar gas
  9. Pilate74

    Mom wants a scooter!

    Loop 820!!
  10. My mother who is 62 years young wants a vespa or simmular schooter. I told her that she would need to take Motorcycle safety before she made a purchase. My mom used to ride mopeds in several different countrys(flight attendant). Any other tips on getting her going? She will do this with or without my help. I really do not want her ride on the roads in DFW. But she is stubborn and has good life insurance. I will probably end up with this scooter after she grows tired of it. I would not mind ridding to work on it(thus saving miles on my dualsport XR). My question to you guys is what kind of schooter would you get your mother if you might end up with it someday?
  11. Pilate74

    How do you fix gout attacks?

    Thanks, I will ask for that particular medication. I have to drive 140 miles to see a Doctor that speaks english. I have had better luck with the Mexican Docs than the Mexican American Docs. Mexican Doc= 15 min and 15$ + pharmacy (45 min total in Mexico) American Doc= call for appointment, wait 1 week, take off half day of work, wait 2 hours in office, 30$ copay, 100$ lost time and wages + 1.5 hours pharmacy and more copay for the meds. Both these Doctors were educated in Monterrey, Mex. The Doctor in Mexico speaks better english than the Doctor here. I drive to Monterrey or San Antonio for anything serious.
  12. I have been getting gout attacks for the last few years. I have changed my diet, limited my beer intake, lost 45 lbs and drink only water and unsweet tea. While I have not had a bad attack in a while, I still get some swelling and joint pain after exercise. The attacks happen about 2-3 days after a workout. Also they only happen in spring summer season.(used to get it year round before loosing weight) I am trying to get a Doctor to believe that I have gout. Every time I go my urine acid is good. The attack goes away by the time I see the Doctor. My grandfather has been diagnosed with gout and my dad gets it as well. I really need some help with this. I work for the feds and I cannot take a week off to let the gout go away. I have been treated for nephritis (FSGS) in the past. I still get the coke colored urine sometimes. Two emergency room visits for dehydration last year. I have been healthy for the last six months BP normal no obvious medical symptoms. Passed a physical fitness test ect.. I use 800 motrin for the pain. But it does little. I have prednisone to use as a last resort but I have no idea as to the dosage for gout. (do not like to take prednisone at all!!) Any home remedies? Medications? (I live on the border) Thanks Rob
  13. Pilate74

    Prednisone side effects

    I took it for almost 2 1/2 months 80mg per day. Gained 40 lbs and started going crazy. I was only sleeping 1 night a week. Stopped taking that crap and found a better Doctor. I also became diabetic, and had high blood pressue. Stoped the drug all my problems went away.
  14. Pilate74

    Pump gas: Normal or Supreme?

    My XR650R likes the 91-93 but it will run good on the cheap stuff. 10-1 compression.
  15. Pilate74

    Gear dosent fit anymore

    I adjusted the straps on my flak jacket and it seems to fit reasonably well. I was digging through my closet and found a brand new jersey in XL. I am going to have to get some new pants as I went from a 42 to a 38. I think I will wait until I get the next 20 off before I buy all new gear except boots. I even had to adjust the straps on my boots as my feet seem to have shrunk as well. I am slowly replacing my street clothes with smaller stuff. I have become a wal mart shopper as sears and academy are out of my price range. Hey Im not gunna blow my IRS check on street clothes.