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  1. CalRMX

    Best Motorcycle shop?

    You'll probably find most shops who send out boring/honing/valve work will be sending it to Q&E in So Cal
  2. CalRMX

    TBT Racing Suspension- Travis

    Enjoying your 15 minutes of fame at somebody else's expense? What's the next forum your going to go on after you've exhausted the story here? I don't know Travis or have ever used TBT, so far we only have your side of the story.
  3. CalRMX

    New player in offroad scene...

    I assume my next bike will likely have e-start if it's a 4 stroke, or maybe it could be a 2 stroke with e-start, as long as I can still get an out of state plate so I can use it for Dual sport rides. On the other hand I'll never buy a bike that is e-start only. If it doesn't have a kick starter, or the ability to add one then I wouldn't be interested. I have an RMX, it's (usually) so easy to start I've never missed an e-start.
  4. CalRMX

    New player in offroad scene...

    Don't get me wrong, e-start would be nice, but not on the top of my list, at least on a 2 stroke. I've met quite a few KTM 300 owners who don't use or have removed the e-start.
  5. CalRMX

    New player in offroad scene...

    e-start on a 250cc 2 stroke, you friggin &%$#@!, I'd have a large tank, lights, WR 6-speed before an e-start any day of the week.
  6. CalRMX

    $250 street legal 78 ds-100

    Instead of a regulator you could use 2 12v Zener diodes back to back to regulate the voltage, they will need a small heat sink.
  7. CalRMX

    Maico Logo War

    The Canadian Maico guy apparently is able to convince either auction sites or internet service providers that anybody using the Maico name is infringing the name, and should have the site, or auction listing taken down. I can't figure out how he's able to do that, If you were to list Maico clutch plates, and he were to try and get the listing, or internet site taken down, I would think there's a good case that he's commiting fraud, slander, or restriction of trade.
  8. CalRMX

    Suzuki RM370 advice

    Check the VIN number, and the capacity should be on the barrel immediately above the crankcase
  9. CalRMX

    CalPoly Penguins DS ride

    The course looks to go along Orcutt to a little past Varian Circle. So we would have to get to Lopez rd some other way, Carpenter and Corbett canyon is also used. This will be interesting!
  10. CalRMX

    Where did you ride?

    Me and English Paul did a loop at Rowher Sunday, pussed out going up King Snake, I got up further than I ussually do before running out of energy. There were a lot of vehicles in the 1st staging area, but only a few people on the trails. Typical day, nice loop, not to hot.
  11. CalRMX

    CalPoly Penguins DS ride

    Have they a route to get out of town due to the marathon on the 26th? last year it took a while to find away out of town, we ended up pushing the bikes across the marathon course, not a big deal.
  12. CalRMX

    whos going to sx las vegas?

    We were going to go, we are comped at Ballys, but we couldn't get a room Friday or Saturday, rooms at any decent casino are $600+. There were 3 weeks ago rooms for $150 in Primm, which didn't appeal to my wife. I'd like to have gone, but like FGFD says the championship is decided, so not so exciting an event. Good luck finding a place. You could always stay up Saturday night and get a room Sunday night (I've done that before)
  13. CalRMX

    Servicing 98 RMX250 forks

    Thanks mlatour, I should have gone to the RT site!