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  1. Places like Clear Creek, Pi-Pi and others have no cell phone coverage and most radios have very limited range. It'd be great to be able to call for help if there's a problem out there! Anybody have any suggestions about what works and what to avoid.
  2. The 06 Husky 250 comes street legal! But it's waaay to high for my 29 inch inseam. Kouba does not make Husky lowering links... Any suggestions on how I might get that seat height down to, say, 33 inches?
  3. Does new KTM 525's come with any kiknd of factory warranty? Thanks
  4. My wife and I each have bikes. We like the UMXH and MJR solutions, but neither has a two bike rack. Does anyone know if either can be modified for two dirt bikes (about 600 lbs combined)? Or if someone makes this type of product for two bikes? Thanks for your thoughts!