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  1. http://www.manualedereparatie.info/en/download/husqvarna-te-510-2004-Service-manual.html
  2. http://www.manualedereparatie.info/en/download/husqvarna-2004-te510-centennial-Owners-manual.html
  3. Supercross

    I'd love to see more guys on 2 strokes in supercross hope this isnt just a joke
  4. Just be happy you didnt have to ship your suspension to / from canada, you would be waiting 6 weeks before it ARRIVED to dave ahaha
  5. Lol that is kinda a good idea.... One time I realised on the street I had a slow leak, I got home just as it started to get a bit crazy, still amazingly rideable but shortly after all the air leaked out, probably the luckiest leak ever?
  6. Any dealership that ships bikes with a smile.... in Canada
  7. husqvarna or ktm or husaberg maybe in your future? IMHO husky will need some serious sprocket changes to be highway happy unless u get something bigger than a 510/530
  8. Supercross

    the 250 class is probably harder than the 450 class anyways so why are you all bitching?
  9. I have narrow feet, unlike most americans apparently, and sidi's are the only thing i'll trust on my feet.
  10. I wish they pimped out the yz's a bit more ... can you imagine a light weight, better handling yz250? omg
  11. also keep in mind guys, video editing software sometimes mangles the original files a bit when compression kicks in, and then again when youtube compresses the vid... I shot a dirtbike vid on my celphone, and every time I uploaded it to youtube it came out looking sketchy and slowed down and sped up in places (that never showed on the original) so keep that in mind...maybe the poster needs to upload a copy of the original edit to another video hosting site that doesnt jack with stuff as bad... Also IMHO, he's NOT sped up at all
  12. Motocross

    ...thats the best lol
  13. look for deals on ebay for the sidi's, I bought mine used... great deal
  14. boyeseen rad valve and suspension ?
  15. TE450 will be fine just balance the wheels maybe get some pirelli's and rock it out