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    NEED HELP, XR-250R Kick Start Frame Rub

    Trailrider42, Thanks for the info on the foot peg stops. You are correct they are cast and they are bolted on. I will give you remedy a shot. Thanks for the help!!
  2. jondavid

    NEED HELP, XR-250R Kick Start Frame Rub

    Thanks for the response. The Stop on the Kick Start is working just fine. The problem is prior to reaching the stop it's hitting the foot peg stop.
  3. PROBLEM: My kick starter is rubbing on the Frame "foot peg stop" at the bottom of the kick. I can still start it with the kick start, but it gets hung up at the bottom of the kick and I have to help it spring back. BACKGROUND: My bike is 6-7 years old (2000), I've had it for 2 years and put about 400 miles on it. The bike was in outstanding shape when I bought it. It looked like it had only been dropped 1 time. I've dropped it 10-12 times over the past couple of years none of them hard, so now it looks like someone rides it. The only service I've done beyond regular scheduled maintenance is to lube the rear Pivot Bolt that travels through the engine case and attaches to the frame. I did this because there were several posts on this board identifying a potential problem with bolt seizure. Purely a preventative service... (Note: my problem with the kick start began prior to this service). I ride the bike mostly with my children (they have a CRF80 and CRF50). Very light riding... ACTION: - removed the kick starter and inspected (looked fine, I did not see any type of adjustment that would physically adjust the distance from the inside of the kick starter to the motor) - Re-installed - Had no better idea so I shaved a little aluminum (roughly 1/2mm) off the kick start and it fixed the problem for 6 weeks - 6 weeks later problem came back, shaved off another 1/2mm - 8 weeks later problem came back again shaved 1mm CURRENT POSITION Now 3 months later I'm 2mm deep into the bottom of the kick starter and the problem is here to stay.... My filing of the kick start has been primarily targeted around removing the casting joint on the starter, so my kick start is fine. Somehow my kick starter is moving in relationship to the frame. I can only see 3 possibilities. 1. The kick starter spindle is moving out (I really think this is the problem) 2. My motor is moving slowly in the motor mounts to the right. 3. The left side of my frame is slowly bending in towards the motor HELP REQUEST Any ideas on what is causing this problem. Thanks, JD
  4. jondavid

    My XR250R takes too much oil?

    My 2000 XR250R also takes about 2 quarts with a filter change measured when hot.