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  1. JetPilotAlabama

    over 50 riders

    47 here and I have been ridding dirt since I was 13 and street since I was 20. I will ride till the day I am burried or cant get out of bed, Nothing makes you feel younger I just dont heal as fast as I used to. JC
  2. JetPilotAlabama

    was wondering???

    Should have it in CC's on the side of the case.
  3. JetPilotAlabama

    97- CR 250 for woods - Parts needed

    Ok I just bought a 97 CR 250 to ride in the woods. It was cheap in good shape with a new top and bottom end last fall. The owner have been running Klotz Super Techno in it at 32:1 so I guess Ill stick with klotz or amsoil. I also plan on adding a flywheel weight- maybe 11oz. and a skid plate. Any other recommendations ? Anyone have a flywheel weight and skid plate for sale ? Thanks, JC
  4. JetPilotAlabama

    Fully Synthetic Oil?

    I use Shell Rotella synthetic in my V Strom and dirt bikes with no problems what so ever and its alot cheaper than Motorcycle specific oils. There are plenty of test that it will not harm yoru clutch and makes the bike shift smoother and run cooler.
  5. JetPilotAlabama

    Loweing A DRZ 125

    I am still looking for a set already made I have 3 dealers searching so maybe one will come through.As of now the knofe is comming out next week and I belive I can get about 2 inches out of the seat.
  6. JetPilotAlabama

    DRZ 125 Lowering Links

    We where talking about two inches. If you cut the seat down and lower the bike two inches it shoudl be about 4 inches total.
  7. JetPilotAlabama

    Loweing A DRZ 125

    I did the same except the handle bar risers. I think I am going to cut the seat down next. I found a guy that will make a lowering linkage but he needs more than just one or two units to make it worth while and it dosnet look like I am getting alot of response as of today.
  8. JetPilotAlabama

    DRZ 125 Lowering Links

    I talked to a guy and he said he could make the entire lowering linkage for a KLX / RMZ 125 for about $100.00 if there is enough intrest. Is anyone interested in this mod ?
  9. JetPilotAlabama

    KLX 125 Lowering Linkage

    I talked to a guy and he said he coudl make the entire lowering linkage for a KLX / RMZ 125 for about $100.00 if there is enough intrest. Is anyone interested in this mod ?
  10. JetPilotAlabama

    125 Service Manuel

    Looked only saw a paper one I really want a CD rom version.
  11. JetPilotAlabama

    125 Service Manuel

    Dose anyone have the service manuel on CD rom for sale or know a good source for a book ? Found One.
  12. JetPilotAlabama

    Loweing A DRZ 125

    I need to lower my sons new 125 about 2 inches. I dropped the forks already and need new dogbones for the back. Anyone know who makes them. I bought the New Black one for him today and he loves the bike. JC
  13. JetPilotAlabama

    If I parted a drz125, would you want parts?

    If it is an L id be interested in the front wheel and brake system.
  14. JetPilotAlabama

    Black DRZ for 07

    It is sweet I bought one for my son today and he loves it.
  15. JetPilotAlabama

    TTR 125L Lowering links

    I am thinking of buying my son a TTR 125L for the front disk brake and his rapid growth rate. He was ridding MX on a KX 65, got hurt,Doing no handers(when I wasnt watching) and quite ridding.He now wants a trail bike. He is 10 and can sit pretty well on a TTR 125E. I know it will be better in the long run to get the L. I can shave about an inch from the seat and make the rear shock real light and raise the forks. Any other sugestions ? Thanks, Joe Ride Fast But Ride Safe