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    Riding my 05 CRF450R, Snowboarding, Sleding "snowmobile" & Mt. Bike riding
  1. You would be crazy not putting Weimer "snake-Mohamed" in your top 3.
  2. Post those pics Husky! Good time yesterday, thanks for the Jack and Coke, BOOM!
  3. Hmmm, those pics mirror mine which means "maybe next week" :cry:
  4. Johnyb

    Lites Champ Prediction Thread

  5. Johnyb

    Lites Champ Prediction Thread

    I foresee multiple KTM failers....
  6. Johnyb

    Any "real" pros frequent TT?

    TT is dedicated to 4-Strokes and parts, ever noticed how buried the Pro Racing Forum is? VitalMX is way bigger for the pro racing genre and many pro racers frequent that site, I actually had a conversation with Jeff Alessi a while back on Vital. I belong to both forums and I really doubt any pro riders visit this site. I will admit that the people on TT are way cooler than most of the children that post on Vital. Johny B!
  7. Johnyb

    Stewart's new bike

    [quote name=' timestamp='1336677211' post='10041519] His new Suzuki looks nice to be laying in th whoops everywhere. I see turtles in your future.
  8. Johnyb

    Miss SX Dianna Dahgrehn Tribute

    LOL! Towelie is in da howz....
  9. Johnyb

    Miss SX Dianna Dahgrehn Tribute

    There,s a bike in the pic?
  10. Heard she might not be back next year, dam! But here ya go. And here is a marketing fail!
  11. Johnyb

    Mike Allessi is gonna win the outdoors

    You should "Mark Your Words".
  12. Hang it up buddy, start preparing for hangTown.