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  1. Depends, sometimes its links, sometimes its pictures. I realize im not going to make people stop quoting pictures. Im just curious as to why people do it. I can see if its a big thread and the picture you quoted is 10 pages ago. Sure if the picture is worth bringing up again, quote it. But all the time I see posts with the pictures quoted the very next post, and several times on the same page. Especially in threads that are discussing one or two pictures. Why quote?
  2. Funny you say that. Ive stopped visiting alot of forums just for that reason. On the other hand, I have been on a couple of sites that ban anybody that quotes pictures.
  3. Wasted time aside. Think of the bandwidth that is needlessly being used so all 800 people who view a thread can see the same pictures 8 times on one page. And what does me only having 64 posts have to do with anything? Ive been a member here for 2 plus years, moron. And its not really the fact that they are quoting the pictures. It bugs me more that its the same goons that think they are the repost police, or the search nazis, when in all reality quoting pictures kills bandwidth more than reposting questions.
  4. Brett125

    lacal guys crotch rocket four wheeler.

    600lbs before he put 2 extra wheels on it, some axles etc. I wont knock it because theres some clean work in that machine. Not my cup of tea but its clean.
  5. Brett125

    New preprints

    I wish i owned monster energy. So much free advertising its nuts.
  6. Seriously? I see people on here everyday busting peoples balls about reposting, and not searching etc. yet I see countless pages of quotes containing previously posted pictures! What a waste of bandwidth, and everyones time. The babes on bikes thread is a prime example
  7. Brett125

    The sickest quad

    Thats so stupid. That would be like me taking a funny car on an mx track. Im sure if i really wanted to I could find some way to make it work. BUT WHATS THE POINT!
  8. Brett125


    Thats so lame, I feel cheated.
  9. Brett125


    You can unlock graphics and gear and such in the ps3 version. Do X-Cross events.
  10. Brett125


    Good way to keep your elbows up.
  11. Brett125

    Kx Vs Yz

    Double that and add some more and my 06 still starts on the first or second kick. Had to replace a water pump seal last season
  12. Brett125

    KX 450 Graphix!!!

    Pretty much, but,I got a chuckle from the jagermeister stickers on the front fenders of the drunk guys graphics haha.
  13. Brett125

    KTM pit photos

    The races
  14. Brett125

    PC link for an 06?

    I Find my lowboy footpegs help alot with getting my weight a little bit lower when standing over braking bumps etc. And they are alot cheaper.