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  1. d95

    06/07 LTR450 Riders/Owners

    I love my 06 LTR, so much better than my z400. I have the cbrm, high comp piston, lid off, and sparky removed. I race the local A class and constantly beat full mod yfz's and trx's. Sure the suspension is rather unrefined but still is way better than the stock yfz's and trx's. You can actually air this thing out and not bottom. It handles very well and has plenty of horsepower when used right. The motor needs to be revved a bit to get to the power but when it hits the midrange, bye bye anything with out major motor work. I like my 06 so much that i'm getting another carry over 06 next week. Don't let anyone bs you the LTR is the best stock quad out there period.
  2. d95

    good deal?

    I have an 04 xtreme 107 that i have had for about 10 months now it has been sitting in my garage for me to ride for a total of two weeks of that time the motor is absolutely horrible i have dropped a valve, starter chain broke, broke skirt off the piston, now the tranny is locked up, and it takes forever to get parts so now i have a honda crf 50 motor on the way with a 88cc big bore kit and i'm gonna put that in because the frame and suspension aren't that bad, seat is way too soft so i put a bbr seat on and tall renthal handlebars heres my advice take your $900 and add another $700 too that and buy a new klx the mid-size chassis is the way to go don't go 50 chassis learn from my mistake don't go knockoff
  3. d95

    would i be disapointed...

    i'd just wait for the 450 you are just going to lose money after the 450 is released because many guys will be dumping there z400's so either wait till the release to get a 450 or buy a used z400 then, you will be doing your wallet a favor
  4. d95

    newbie here! need help!!

    sounds like its running lean to me where did u buy it and is there any elevation change from where u live?
  5. if you are looking for trail tires go for the holeshot hd's, expensive but long lasting and high traction
  6. d95

    Best Pit Bike Investment For Racing

    If you are looking at the cheaper end of things go for an xtreme, mine has held up great and all i've done to it is taller bars (renthal) and a k&n air filter and is really fast will beat a slightly modded klx with ease and the clutch is a godsend
  7. d95

    Xtreme CRIII update

    I've got a crII and can i get the disk brake for mine? the stock drum really sucks! If so how much are we talking about? I found a kit for a crf50 but i'm not sure if it would work, it was $250. thanks for any help you can give