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  1. AnimalMother85

    How bad is this and how do i fix it?

    It's not that bad. I split mine last summer, new everything. Totally worth it.
  2. AnimalMother85

    Another bike build thread

    After a few hiccups, she's coming along.
  3. AnimalMother85

    DEP Woods PipeYZ250.. Who has one?

    I have a DEP Armored Enduro on my YZ250 with a Turbinecore 2.1. It fits just fine.
  4. AnimalMother85

    Lectron Review 2016 yz250

    Mail the tooth brush back and leave a letter in the envelope reading, "You forgot this."
  5. AnimalMother85

    Lectron Review 2016 yz250

    Yeah man, I don't know what to tell you other than what I stated. Maybe they soak it in a heated ultrasonic cleaner with some kind of proprietary solvent that they have (vinegar or purple power or something). Who knows. It also could be some sort of QC measure to mitigate user error, "We know that your carburator is clean to our standard, what you do from here on out is on you). It could also be a cover for "Oh sugar-beats, this carb has a factory defect". I don't know. What I do know is that I have a heated ultrasonic cleaner so that's how I'd clean mine. If they were like, "Uh, don't do that, it's bad for the carb" then I'd either do it anyway or use a different carb.
  6. AnimalMother85

    Lectron Review 2016 yz250

    I'm willing to bet that the $85 is their hourly shop rate and coming from someone who owns a business, everything costs at minimum, 1 hour, if I have to do it for someone. I have a lectron on my YZ250 that has an EG295 top end using a 4-2 metering rod. I'm still tinkering with it and I ride mostly single track. The bike chugs along, but doesn't have the fine tuned giddy-up on the bottom end some of my buddies who have similar engine setups do with the PWK. I will continue to mess with it, but if I can't get it right, I'll just go back to a PWK. The bike does idle perfectly and I do get roughly an additional 10mpg out of it. I am not a brand loyalist by any means. I need what works within a specific price range to fit a certain criteria of performance and reliability. I do not know if I love or loathe this carburetor yet.
  7. AnimalMother85

    Losing Motivation To Ride...?

    I just rebuilt my YZ250 with an EG295 kit. It rips...but it's still a yz250. I think I'm buying a Sherco, next. ...and you want a 2006 or newer, not a 2005 if you're going to go with an aluminum framed bike.
  8. AnimalMother85

    Any Adults Using 150r As A Trail Bike?

    If you're screaming it around a motorcross track, then I'd recommend changing the piston and rings much more often. We ride single track and we ride a gear too high on our bikes anyway, so we're really not flogging them.
  9. AnimalMother85

    Any Adults Using 150r As A Trail Bike?

    No, she has a 17" front and a 14" rear. We got the 17" front from AOMC/ktm-parts.com.
  10. AnimalMother85

    Any Adults Using 150r As A Trail Bike?

    Still has a slight hesitation on the bottom end, but ended up with a stage 1 hot cam in there. It feels more like an XR but still has balls. It's much easier to trail ride now. It lugs well.
  11. AnimalMother85

    CRF150R Stage 1 Hot Cam

    2008 and no jetting changes so far. Sent from my SM-G930V using ThumperTalk mobile app
  12. AnimalMother85

    CRF150R Stage 1 Hot Cam

    A few years ago, my wife wanted to get back into riding. Her being 5'.5", there wasn't too much out there for her that really performed where she wanted it to. We decided to try out a CRF150R for trail riding and putting it lightly, it was kind of unforgiving, so I did the usual: Suspension, Flywheel weight, smaller front sprocket, jetting, throttle tamer, carb mod(wire tie mod), steering dampener, skid plate. It still wanted to launch like a rocket ship and when we'd be on longer rides, it'd either launch or stall once fatigue set in. After searching, I couldn't find much on stage one hot cam for this bike, so i really didn't want to sink money into an unknown mod. I should have put this cam in this bike two years ago. It puts the power lower so it lugs much easier, smooths off the top end, and is just much more trail/single track friendly. Where it loses is on the top end. It doesn't have that screaming top end that those little bikes have (proportionally speaking). In hindsight, we should have went with a KLX140...but I think this is going to help her quite a bit. I posted here for anyone else who may be on the fence about doing this for the same purpose. I don't have a full on ride report yet, just my intial thoughts from lugging it around the fields and hills on my property. Overall, I'm happy with the swap and I think she will be, too. Sent from my SM-G930V using ThumperTalk mobile app
  13. AnimalMother85

    YZ80 with 28mm Keihin PWK jetting. Need help.

    I'm quite familiar with jetting and air/fuel screw adjustments in known comminations/factory parts, but I do appreciate your insight. What I'm really looking for is just a good starting place on the jetting and if anyone is familiar with an older bike and this particular carb swap. Sent from my SM-G930V using ThumperTalk mobile app
  14. My brother in law bought a yz80 for my nephew. It has a Keihin PWK 28mm carb with a 152 main jet and 45 pilot jet. I'm struggling to gather any data on where a good starting point should be via google. If need be, we can go back to a mikuni, we just would have to buy one. I've always liked PWKs better than mikunis from back in the days of me owning banshees, so if there is any info from anyone who has done this swap available, I'd appreciate it. Sent from my SM-G930V using ThumperTalk mobile app
  15. AnimalMother85

    Another bike build thread

    My head gasket finally came. Sent from my SM-G930V using ThumperTalk mobile app