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    Gear for my wife--help

    Personally, I don't like wearing the pants..I dunno, they just look stupid to me. But if you want her to have them, I think Fox has a line made just for lady's. If I remember right I saw them at Chaparral. I just wear Levis and a long sleeve shirt. But I would not even step on a bike without boots. So, I would Highly recommend at least buying those.
  2. Loveyourmanlovehisbike

    Which Boots?

    My husband would buy the best boots for our kids, but when it came to himself, he wouldn't....whatever fit was fine. Plus he liked that his boots were broken in. He was lucky all these years, but one time he came off a jump, landed hard, but fine, then realized he couldn't get off the bike. Jammed his ankle up into his femur. $40,000 operation later, he can walk okay, but not ride like he used to. I recommend you buy the very best boot available and replace them when they get too broken in.