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  1. muddyTTR

    my new thumper......

    http://youtube.com/watch?v=R9C8Lery_SU Have a nice day
  2. muddyTTR

    Post you motocross or motorcycle art

    http://www.michaelsactionart.com This guy's good:worthy:
  3. muddyTTR

    Post you motocross or motorcycle art

    Wish I could but I don't have a scanner.
  4. I'm Jewish though Just kidding Happy Holidays guys:applause:
  5. muddyTTR

    What is your TT routine?

    General, Pics and Vid, TTR on occasion and what ever sounds interesting. Used to frequent the Off Road forum a lot, but I don't anymore. I read a lot more than I post though.
  6. muddyTTR

    How to Wheelie w/ a 450R

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=duIk3avS6j0 Pay attention to the way he uses the throttle/clutch together, and the way he uses the rear brake.
  7. muddyTTR


    Matt Lemoine has been one of my fave riders of all time, I think he just moved up a notch in my book. Great vid..... And Breeze, thats funny as hell.
  8. muddyTTR

    TTR230 Common problems

    I enjoy my yammie, and at an entry level I'm open to anything (other than kawi:busted: ). As stated they are both bulletproof as long as you take care of them (change oil, filter, lube chain). They do not require that very often though. Its all up to personal prefrence, the honda does have more aftermarket support and a potential life saving kickstart along with e-start.
  9. muddyTTR

    New boots and Cranium can

    Mmmm.... Brand new shiny goodness!
  10. muddyTTR

    Your dream setup? (Not just bikes)

    I have one question for all those who want the lifted trucks.... Why? I can see it if you use it, but some lifts/ truck sizes are rediculous especially with the the blingy rims. To clarify I am not bashing, I'm just curious.
  11. muddyTTR

    some new riding pics of the ramp...

    Really? Wow, that's huge for only 3 months!!!! Nice job:thumbsup:
  12. muddyTTR

    Went outside this morning..

    IMO the yellow looks better, but whatever floats your boat. Looks good either way. I was all bummed out about the 4 inches of snow we got last night, but I went out despite by bad experience from past attempts and I gotta say IT WAS A RIOT!! That is... until my battery died and I had to push the bike back.
  13. muddyTTR

    Monster Blaster Project vids

    Wow, great build! Looks like a riot.
  14. ramfootball, heres some gas. I would definately buy one.