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  1. el_g

    gp/reverse shift?

    hey thats fine by me- can you point me towards a place to buy it, or the company that makes it? i just got my bike and im in a hurry to do this mod before i contaminate my shifting habits and end up becoming totally confused when i switch bikes thank you!
  2. el_g

    gp/reverse shift?

    is there any way to set up a drz with a gp shift pattern?
  3. el_g

    post-theft revival questions

    ok ive been informed that Gr=grey. so that means there is no green wire coming off the ignition switch in the diagram. could somebody take a look at their drz and try to see where the green wire leads??? please?
  4. el_g

    post-theft revival questions

    thank you!!! unfortunately, im no more than a mediocre parts-swapper. it seems that the green wire goes to... oh wow as i was typing this, i looked again at the diagram and i think i answered my own question! so i was gonna say that it seems the green wire leads to the engine stop switch, but that when i looked there this morning i didnt see a green wire. however now when im looking at the diagram, it seems that upon passing through the connector, the wire changes color to orange. does that sound right to anyone else?? thanks again! im gonna go mess with it some more after work. btw, this morning i found that the fuse coming off the positive battery lead was blown, so as an update, im happy to say that turning the key now activites all the lights & guages!
  5. el_g

    post-theft revival questions

    yah, that was the setting. no chain, but thats changed now!
  6. hi- sucks to have this be my first post. i bought an 06 S on saturday, put a solid 50 break-in miles on it sunday, and woke up monday to find that it had been stolen. it was recovered today with the following damage- ignition wires cut, and the bracket holding the switch bent. i spliced 4 of the 5 wires coming off the switch to wires with the corresponding colors that lead to a green connector. the fifth wire, a green one, does not appear to have a mate anywhere for me to connect it to, and the green connector only has 4 spots for wires, so im sure it wasnt supposed to connect there. does anyone have a wiring diagram they can consult, or can someone please take a look on their drz and try to explain to me what to do with this green wire? with the 4 wires spliced, i still get no reaction upon activating the ignition. so i was also wondering, is there some anti-theft measure in place that would keep it from turning on after the ignition wires being cut? thanks for your help!!!!