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    hahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahaa... I feel for that kid though. He has balls. WOW
  2. dpops211

    Cold or shine!

    remind me again. how much is it to get into aztec for a non member?
  3. dpops211

    Cold or shine!

    Thursday= IM THERE! I get out off school early, and im gonna be there. KX250 #321.
  4. dpops211

    How was aztec?

    For those of you who went this week: how was it? Im planning on going this weekend. I dont care about the cold, just wondering how the track was. was there still snow on it or what?
  5. yea i get emails like that all the time. when i was selling my 01' 125SX, i was only asking 1900, and the guy sent me a money order for 5000. I took it to my bank, and they called the number on the money order, then they called me later that day and told me it was a fake money order. I looked more closely at the money order, and could see where they guy cut it out with scissors. Now every time i get a email from them i tell them to f#%k off, and quit being a stupid a$$. Its fun to play along sometimes though, just to waste their time and get their hopes up.
  6. He sais hes never doing the double back again. Do you think he actually will? Whats he gonna do to beat everybody else next year?
  7. dpops211

    Pics of your green smokers

    My 03' 250 http://i42.photobucket.com/albums/e316/dpops211/DBike080.jpg http://i42.photobucket.com/albums/e316/dpops211/DBike079.jpg The bikes a little dirty in these pics, but i just got in shining with the power washer and some simple green today.
  8. dpops211

    Watkins tomorrow

    Im goin, probably be there around 12:00-12:30. Ill be parked over by the whoops in the middle. Grey toyota taco. KX 250 #321..
  9. dpops211

    ate sh*t up MT herman today

    Yea ill just be limping on my right leg for awhile, and i have a goose egg the size of alaska on my hip, but ill be fine, and i just need new bars for the bike. We had to ride over a barb wire fence, and go through someones back yard to get back, but we made it. Quite the adventure.
  10. dpops211

    ate sh*t up MT herman today

    Me and a couple buddys went up Herman today, and it was a damn good ride until i hit a rut goin in 4th gear, flew over the bars, nailed my hip and my knee, tweaked my front wheel, bent my bars, and tweaked my clamp out. That pretty muched ruined my day, but i was in for it even worse. We got lost and ended up taking a 1 foot wide walking trail for about 3-4 miles, and ended up about 10 miles down the front range in some a little town. So we just rode on the streets back to Mt herman road, and were good from there. Awesome experience, but damn it was a rough ride.
  11. dpops211

    125 to a 250

    It depends on riding experience. I moved from my 125SX straight to my RM250 with no problems. If you think the max power of your 125 is too little for you, then get a 250. I loved my 250, and i probly couldnt ride it to its limits, but the extra power is nice. So if you think your ready, then do it.
  12. dpops211

    Rampart was a blast....

    It was my first time ever riding trails, i always ride track, but this was so much fun! We went up to rampart range, and parked on rampart range road, and just hit up a big loop around the place, and i never expected trails to be that much fun. It was pretty overcasted the whole day, and we only had one light downpour, which really held down the dust, and made for perfect conditions. I would most definately go back there. The only problem i had was around corners, you cant see anyone coming, and one time a quad came around a corner, and caused my buddy to fly off the trail and hit his wrist on a tree. But other than that, the riding and the view was amazing. Awesome first experience.
  13. dpops211

    black tank stickers?

    Does anybody know where i can get plain black graphics for just the tank for my YZ250F?
  14. dpops211

    quickest way to Watkins from Colorao springs

    Yea thats what i thought, i just didnt want to get lost. Thanks