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  1. cmpaprcka

    96 XR 400 PERF. ?'s

    Thanks alot....
  2. cmpaprcka

    96 XR 400 PERF. ?'s

    any other suggestions
  3. cmpaprcka

    96 XR 400 PERF. ?'s

    i was looking around and noticed the hotcams have stages 1-3.. how do these stages compare with the WEB 479. Where can i find a 426 kit, i havent done much looking around so if anyone can give me a few good sites id appreciate it. btw my bike was running rich, put a new plug in last week and the only riding ive done has been around the house and i pulled it today to find it was black and covered in soot. I tightened the adjustable fuel screw one quarter turn and tomorrow im going to pick up some new plugs and check out the results. My jetting is fine, the bike doesnt sputter when revving down it is smooth so i just need to get my air/fuel worked out and ill be in good shape.
  4. cmpaprcka

    96 XR 400 PERF. ?'s

    I have a 96 XR 400 with the following mods: -White Brothers E-Series Exhaust -FMF Head Pipe -K&N Air filter -Cut Air box lid -Carb Jetting (I dont remember what was upgraded too ) Ive been riding this bike since before I could touch the ground, I wanna build the motor BUT do it right the first time. I think I might need to Adjust my air/fuel mixture or go for larger jets because when i Rev the bike hard in neutral it wants to die out like its getting id guess not enough fuel. Can I adjust the air fuel to fix this or could i need new jetting? The bike has plenty of power, but I know it can be a monster and thats what way I wanna go with it, is a 440 kit the way to go or what other alternatives do I have. Any information or advice will be appreciated, Im new to this site and I hope I can get some good info. Please repost or Email me. Thanks! Chris