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  1. efman

    nood wanting help picking out a bike

    i am looking at this what do you think kinda cheap looking i am not sure i like the price ! http:cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/VENOM-70cc-4-FOUR-STROKE-dirt-pit-bike-49-50-70-90-ccWOQQitemZ4582705429qqqrdz1qqcmdzviewitem#ebayphotohosting
  2. efman

    nood wanting help picking out a bike

    well just wondering are those cheap knock off bikes from asia any good and excuse my typing
  3. hi guys i am looking to pick up a pit bike . my brother is starting to race 600 stock class and i am helping him out but i want a pit bike to ride around so i am looking to spend around 400 dollars on a off brand bike which ones are good ? i have looked on ebay and there are many choices so i figured i would come to the experts for help chosing a bike thanks