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  1. Sullivan

    Need Help with Tight Single Track Setup

    Wow talk about great timing. I just bought a new 07 last week and spent the weekend riding alot of tight single track and had the same issue with the bike stalling. I too really like the quick accelaration the bike has now and I don't really want to slow the speed at wich the motor revs wich was why I thinking about using the Rekluse clutch system. Is it true that this will allow the bike to rev just like it does now without any flywheel weight? Thanks.
  2. Sullivan

    2007 KTM EXE450 or 525 already obsolete!

    I don't think so. The current 450 and 525 will remain as strong as ever. They might improve in 08, who knows though.
  3. Sullivan

    2007 crf450x (worth it?)

    Why, I am very curious.
  4. Sullivan

    Help Me with My Decision.

    Wow, Thanks for the feedback! Since I live in Woodland, WA. the dealer that I would be working with is Bill's out of Salem, OR. Should I expect to be paying MSRP? What mods should I consider right out of the gate? Thanks again!
  5. Hey guys, I have been trying to select my next bike. I have had a 2000 WR400 and a 2002 CRF450. Both bikes were excellent. I will be doing mostly trails and some sand dunes with my next bike. I have been looking at all the Honda 450X, WR450 and the KTM 525EXC. I was reading the post on the best Offroad bike for 2006 and I saw several votes for the Husky. I decided to take a look at them on the net. Pretty impressive from what I can tell. The problem is the nearest dealer is and hour and a half away and its an extremely small shop. However the owner is very passionate about the bikes and he knows his stuff. Should I be worried about not having a dealer close by? Are the husky's as reliable as the other big guys, parts decently priced? Also, have you 07 model year guys had problems with the decals not sticking to the plastic? This seemed to plague all the bikes on the showroom floor. Any feedback would be great.