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  1. todd764

    Michigan DNR survey...

    I just took the survey, thanks for the link.
  2. Buy some better bolts and make some, jeez you have a cnc lathe. It will take you about 15 minutes. Give me the length, I think i have bolts left over from mine.
  3. todd764

    Illinois DOT Inspection

    you don't need turnsignals in Illinois.
  4. I was looking at all kinds of toyhauler trailers about a year and a half ago and I liked the Work and Play models and also the Halmark, they both have steel frames and wall reinforcments. They were both built very well. I use lots of trailers for hauling race cars and Halmark's are top quality. I just couldn't see spending that much dough for a new one, a 8'x20' trailer listed for about $18k so i started looking for a used one. I found a mint 2004 8'x20' Halmark with living quarters factory done and enuff room for 3 or 4 bikes on ebay for $8500.00 and am very happy with it. The way the economy is right now you can find some killer deals on toyhaulers. Stay away from wood framed trailers if you want it to last or hold it's value.
  5. todd764


    That Barrett muffler is sweet but i didn't want to spend that much so i took apart my stock one and removed the cat and shortened the muffler 3 1/2" and put it back together. It sound good a little louder but i am looking for a spark arrestor that i can modify to fit and then i think it will be pretty quiet. I bought the power up kit plug from Hall's for $18 bucks and you can get a 02 sensor plug at the auto parts store, I already had one. So far my power up kit cost $18 plus a spark arrestor.
  6. todd764


    I didn't mean to say the dr or klr were as good a dual sport as the te ,the te is way better. I only mentioned them for the amount of street riding he said he was going to do 1300 miles to get to the trail and 1500 to get home a te610 would not be very comfortable for that kind of time on the street for me anyway, my butt couldn't take that. Maybe with some seat mods. Todd
  7. todd764

    New Husky Owner

    I offered to fix it for you.
  8. todd764

    Setup Fee/Delivery Charges

    I paid $7400 out the door last fall at Halls for my 08te610. I went with my brother last week to pick up a 08te250 for $5300 otd. They had an 08 te610 with $6300 on the sticker plus freight etc. but you get another $1000 off for the rebate. So you could probably get it for around $6300 otd seeing its a leftover.
  9. todd764

    who here is running the trail tech X2?

    I have the hid on my 610 and it is awesome but i think i should of got the halogen for the street. when you switch from high to low it takes about 15 seconds to warm up.
  10. todd764


    If this is the kind of riding you plan on doing there is no way i would ride a 450 or 510. The te610 would be your better choice or maybe a dr650 or klr650. I have a plated wr450 that i absolutely love but would never even consider taking it on a trip like this, I have done 100 mile single track days and it was great. but the 30 miles on the street is about all i can handle on that bike . i would take my te610. I have owned a klr650 and it was great on the street but was a fat underpowered pig in the dirt and i had tons of mods ;kx forks,progressive shocks,pipe,jetting etc. and it only had a 5 spd. I don't know what kind of rider you are but for me and anything other than single track i love the te610. It can do single track but i would rather be on my wr.it is very smooth thanks to a counterbalanced motor and fuel injection{which will be great at all elevations}. It is geared low enuff for the tuff stuff and high enuff to cruise at 70 all day long. Even though the 510 and 450 are 6 speeds there 6th gear is very low and the motors are not counterbalanced. They are true race bikes the 610 is a true dual sport. You should check out the Adventure rider site there are tons of info on the te610 as well as all other dual sport bikes. For me the 610 is the absolute best dualsport bike available on the market right know.It is a true 50/50 bike ,dirt/street.the klr is about a 80/20 and the dr650 is about a 70/30. a te450/510 is about a 20/80.my wr450 is about 20/80. The seat sucks though,I am working on that. If you plan on going that many miles you will needs tires sometime along the way. Unless you run some street tires. Hope this helps your decision.
  11. todd764

    Your Best Husqvarna Photo for 2008!

    They are about 400 or 500 feet apart. I thought they would make excellent storage units.
  12. My brother had a lc4 and i rode it on the street for 10 miles, that was all i could take. My hands and butt were completely numb ,that thing vibrated like a paint shaker. I would take it for a ride before you buy it, don't know if they are all like that. My brother sold his with 600 miles on it.
  13. todd764

    08 Te 450 Skid Plate By Motosportz

    An 1/8 isn't much You can prob. just stand on each end of the skidplate to bend it out a little witch will make the bolt spacing a little longer or if you need to go the other way bend it over a pipe or something.
  14. I wear a size 13 shoe and have never had to buy anything bigger but i ordered a set of sg10's in size 13 and they were way to small.
  15. Go with the te610 you won't be sorry. I just bought an 08 and it is an excellent bike. it's the only true dualsport bike out. You can ride everything from singletrack to highway cruising with the six speed trans. although if single track is your thing you might want to go down a tooth on the countershaft. With the fuel injection i get about 50 mpg. mixed trails and country roads. I haven't ridden my wr450 since i got it... this bike can truly do it all.