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  1. Yea, "he's outta control" alright. does that idiot even know how to ride? it looks like a complimation of some pony tailed retard hangin on for dear life on an enduro. I give this video an A+ for the biggest waste of 3 minutes that I can't get back.
  2. onedown4up

    Tons Of Indy Pics

    no she didnt even have a butt on her, she's too small.
  3. How many bikes are you hauling? I have a 6x12 and me and my 2 other buddies fit our bikes plus gear, tools, gas very comfortably. I was thinking of going with a 6x14 but a 6x12 is great. It also has the side door and is single axle.
  4. onedown4up

    mototown usa

    I was just out at NEMX earlier in the month. the track is pretty decent and open practice for the day to run is $25. it's from 2-7. I went out with a couple of buddies and stayed at the Days Inn right off the exit on I-90. the hotel was about $65 a night with tax.
  5. onedown4up

    Beware: Douchebaggery

    hahaha that's great and yet so true.
  6. onedown4up

    mototown usa

    $1500 a year is pricey either way... I did the math and even if you live an hour away you'd have to ride their atleast 3 times a week to make it worth it. Like myself and most other people on this forum we have to work and traveling there to ride the track is expensive. I can't expect Mototown to keep it a "Member's Only" riding track for very long.
  7. onedown4up

    Yamaha Green?????

    my buddy rides with women's fox black and pink gear on a yamaha. who cares if you don't match. you stand out that way and if your actually good it makes it easier for you to get noticed.
  8. onedown4up

    new indoor vid

    I just rode there not long ago, weekend of january 21. had an awesome time! cool video by the way
  9. onedown4up

    Ebay Plastic Kits Anygood???

    the seller i got them from was carolgoat it was really fast shipping and its good stuff