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  1. googoo

    grrrr!!! clutch / no start

    yea sorry un related problems clutch lever pulls in fine cable moves good but if its in gear the clutch never lets go
  2. googoo

    grrrr!!! clutch / no start

    need some help guys bike has been extremely hard to start lately, i figured out that it was bad gas so i cleaned the jets drained the bowl and put a new plug (and checked the valves while i was at it , it started up fairly good and ran well but now imhaveing the same problems and just noticed that my clutch is not engageing anymore!?!?! anybody hear of this any tips?
  3. googoo

    No More Motocross?

    Supercross Is Nice But I'll Take Two Motos In The Elements Over A Supercross Track Anyday!!!
  4. googoo

    Changing an X into an R

    i was told to switch out my forks by a factory honda wrench he said the valving in the x's are lower qaulity and it would be easir to swap to an r set and go from there, the r forks felt way better than the stockers
  5. googoo

    get this!!!

    yea i dont get it but shes kickin over so im goin to the track:-)
  6. so does anyone know when this thing is actually gonna be in stores. my local shop first said may1st then mid may, then mid june!!! ***!!!!!!!!
  7. googoo

    Twin Air Filter Fitment Problem

    it fits u just got to put ur back into it. and yell as often as possible lol
  8. googoo

    get this!!!

    over the last couple of weeks my bike has been a cold b****!!! she just would not kick over and my battery had died long ago(or so i thought) but the bike would still bump start and then run like a champ. so i was kicken around ideas and finally start pickin at it today, i drained the bowl cleaned the jets checked the valves and no go!. so i stand up to scratch my head and just for kicks flip up the cover to my positive battery terminal turns out the terminal screw had backed out and had been arcing* for some time and had almost completly eatin away the terminal! so mi jimmy the screw in to where i get a good contact and the e start works! so then i start kickin it (my e start never could start the bike cold) the f'n thing started third kick!!! has anyone heard of this sort of thing? and if u decide to run it with no battery do u have to complete the loop?
  9. googoo

    Motocross Track in Mojave Desert?

    we rode there a while back and they left us alone(the owners of the house). the track was far from groomed! very neglected and even if it was groomed it was no track for anyone less than a fast int.
  10. googoo

    front number plate

    safety wire and zip ties
  11. googoo


    hey guys which cams do u recommend i ride a lot of motocross lately and i need more power!!!! heres the mods i have done so far: jetted, cut airbox, pinky, r header, r silencer, smog block off im thinkin hot cams stage 2 with a new accel. pump cover thingy, kind of wonderin if anybody has experience with the pro circuit cams r the worth the extra money?
  12. googoo

    25 buck for piru!?!?!?!?!

    went to piru on wed. track was fun and kept up pretty good but they raised prices i dont think piru is worth 25 dollars that place isnt that great maybe if it had a few tracks or somethin but jeeze kind of a rip off
  13. googoo

    x suspension blows

    yea time for an upgrade it took me 3 times to fix a leaky fork and it turns out that the x's have some flimsey parts in the valving that arent found in the r's . im sendin my suspension in and gettin all new setup then maybe it wont bottm every where
  14. googoo

    Is Dirt Rider Biased???

    dirt rider is the lamest magazine out there i hate that magazine with a passion
  15. googoo

    cal city mx track?

    my uncle was sayin somethin about a new mx track is it true ? and how is it?