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  1. Nice bike! $300.00 or so you put into it huh???? You gotta let me know where you get your parts lol ebay?
  2. Scrildo

    coastal nc

    Oh well just looked into cape fear it looks great but its 2 hours away from me (I live in Raleigh) and I have no truck and no friends heading that way what a shame.....
  3. Scrildo

    coastal nc

    Where is here? Smithfield? How long of a drive is it?
  4. Scrildo

    coastal nc

    Anybody going to busco beach tomorrow? I was supposed to go with a friend of mine today but we discovered last night that the sprocket on his kfx400 was worn to shit so I missed out :'(
  5. Scrildo

    The Wheelie

    Idk man I keep falling over to the side when the front wheel comes up I may need to position myself better or something. Much easier to do on my friends 400ex lol.
  6. Scrildo

    New to me bike, went to the dark side.

    Nice find man good deal right there. So this simple green stuff is good huh? Have any pics of it I wanna pick up a bottle or two tomorrow
  7. Scrildo

    xr400 street tard

    Looks great besides that front fender. That has got to go!
  8. Scrildo

    yz426 rebuild

    Thank you very much man you've been a huge help I'll let you know when I start on mine I hate not having a light when I'm riding
  9. Scrildo

    My new to me 2001 YZ426F

    Don't ride it on the street much I bought it that way with the bald tire and immediately ordered this I did a ton of research and this bike starts for me on the first kick after finding tdc and rarely second kick I always do my homework before I purchase anything lol
  10. Scrildo

    Picked up a 2011 Kx450f. Just did a couple mods.

    A couple mods huh??? Smh.... lol awesome bike man
  11. Scrildo

    yz426 rebuild

    Looking good my friend please do show how to install the regulator thingy :-) I will start sourcing the wr parts needed for this swap can I please get a list of all that's needed from the wr to do this. Also can this be done with the motor in the bike? I hope so because I really don't want to have to remove it.
  12. Hello all my name is Jerry I live in raleigh nc and here are a few pics of my 01 yamaha YZ426F. I have owned an XR80, XR250 and XR400 in the past and let me tell you this yamaha is a beast compared to my XR400 and that's with me and my 320lb 5'11" lard arse on there. If there are any tips and or tricks I need to know about this yamaha please don't hesitate to let me know I did watch a couple videos on youtube about the proper technique to starting this bike and I have it down pat now starting on the first or second kick now :-) anyways on to the pics................
  13. Scrildo

    Raleigh, NC Roll call

    Bump this back from the dead My name is Jerry I'm 32 years old I own a 2001 yamaha YZ426F I'm looking for places in or around the raleigh area to ride and I'm also looking to meet some fellow trail riders contact me via pm or reply here
  14. Scrildo

    Trail Riding near Raleigh, NC?

    Bump this back way from the dead. New member here with a 2001 Yamaha YZ426F looking for somewhere to trail ride in or around the raleigh NC area and also looking for some new riding buddies.
  15. Scrildo

    yz426 rebuild

    Please let us know when you do the writeup for the headlight install and stator install etc. I'm picking up a 426 today and headlights are a must