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  1. adrenalinejunky81

    Flipped WR290F at 55mph :P

    Keep the stunts to the dunes...its softer! Oh wait, does australia have dunes? Beach maybe? Ha ha...
  2. adrenalinejunky81

    04 yz450f carb leak

    Very unlikely anything broken as mentioned. Most likely your needle/seat are just varnished from old fuel (I have a trx450 I just cured of the same problem). The right way is to take the carb off, the fuel bowls and wipe the varnish off the needle (of the needle/seat-not the slide needle). Reassemble. Cleaning a carb is FREE BTW.Your fuel petcock shouldnt matter if the carb stops fuel as advertised. The half-ass way would be to pull the fuel line off, open the bowl drain screw, and spray carb cleaner into the fuel input on the carb. This in theory should eat away some of the varnish. If fuels leaking out the overflow tube, its probably also leaking into your motor. Hope youve been changing the oil frequently, or order some crank bearings too...
  3. adrenalinejunky81

    ran 2 1/2 hours with no lower engine/ tranny oil. Recomendations??

    I run ATF in my kx500 w/ no problems and shifts better than the recommended oil. Use what works. Some metal in the tranny oil is normal wear and tear. Just run it...
  4. adrenalinejunky81

    ATF as trans oil

    I have an 89 KX500 which I switched to ATF over a year ago. Well I found out the hard way that if you have ANY RTV enhanced gaskets...ATF will eat them very fast especially after the first heat cycle. So...my first ride on ATF at Glamis I wasnt impressed. Clutch pull seemed to be getting worse as the riding went on. To make matters worse, my bike fell over in the sand and broke the clutch lever on a nearby TRX (OK its proven it hates 4 strokes). So now thinking about going back to oil on the ride back to camp shifting with a clutch half-length (still on the 1st ride), after parking and the bike cools I notice theres ATF on my back wheel and some dripping. "Awesome" Im thinking, time for a new tranny...which is empty of ATF at this point. Raided my parts box for a new clutch cover gasket (I didnt know the condition of the original-damn previous owner), filed down the plate-worn edges of the clutch basket (highly recommended, wear wasnt from the issue at hand-just 20 years of riding) reinstalled and refilled with ATF. Now shifted like a new tranny. So to the haters of ATF, I now have a full season (working on the 2nd) of duning on the tranny after that ordeal with no problems or wierd noises. I change the ATF after every weekend I go out (why not, the stuff is so cheap). It doesnt eat through JB weld though?? I know wierd. The best part...I burn old ATF in my diesel truck afterwards! As for the CRF...thats the 1st and only negative comment Ive ever heard of using ATF. Is it so hard to believe that its not the fluid to blame? The guy not draining his fluids when hearing a strange, very obvious noise isnt a hint to his maintenance practices? My F350 takes ATF in both the transfer case and 5 speed tranny but Ive heard gear oil will kill them fast due to clearances. Run what you want...as usual just my experience. Probably doesnt matter so much what you run whether atf or oil, as long as its changed frequently.
  5. adrenalinejunky81

    02/04 cr250 and 04 yz250f opinion for dunes?

    Very useful review, but heres the problem. I see an 08 and newer piston swaps into an older yz250f, making it similar power-wise. However the 04CR will probably never equal a newer yz250. Decisions decisions.... Im also offered a yz400f w/cash but from experience that bikes a little top-heavy for me which sucks cause I like the power.
  6. Trading off my hardly used 400ex for something more capable in the dunes than it or my kx500 (suspensions lettin me down). I see the EX worth about 2300-2500 (lots of motor work done). Ive been offered the above, a 04 yz250f with just a pipe, an 02 cr250 mostly stock, or an 04 cr250 with PC port/polish/pipe/v force and a few other toys. I think the 04 cr (although not a fan of the motor myself) is the winning pick but could really use advice. Any thoughts on Pro circuits work and if they can fix some of the cr's shortcomings? Would the YZf be able to pull a 6 paddle fast enough to keep up to 50hp quads? Oh yeah Im about 150, ride 90% dunes (Glamis). Dont really race, just out to have fun and escape the Phoenix area...but not about to be the "slow guy" lol. Im not the most experienced (2 seasons) so I think the added hp would be to my advantage of the 2 strokes? Given that which of the above would you pick for an even swap?
  7. adrenalinejunky81

    400ex in glamis

    The best dune mod of all time...... an inline fuel filter! $3 at cyclegear. I also route the carb vent tubes into a sock in the airbox (through one of the lid holes you shouldve drilled by now). Somehow sand gets into carbs in the most amazing ways, but since doing both those, no more problems. Check Craigslist.org Lots of pipes for 400ex's are always on there. After the pipe, check into removing the choke and jetting correctly. 40 pilot if you visit flaggstaff, 42 if you stay at lower elevations. As for the main, depends on if you get the pipe 150-158 depending on mods/airflow capabilities. Im sure there will be people out there mid-oct. Its a 3 day weekend afterall. Ill be there holloween, cant wait.
  8. adrenalinejunky81

    Tranny oil

    Could be a very expensive idea to switch to something heavier like that. Since I changed to ATF my kx500 improved clutch-wise. I dont think shifting is much different but theres less clutch drag which makes it seem so. Going to a thicker oil should have the opposite effect. What I do know is that my F350 needs ATF in both the manual 5 speed tranny and transfer case. People who have doubted the factory recommendations on this have had to spend $$$$$$ on rebuilds. I think its a clearance issue on bearings/surfaces. I buy the regular cheap-o ATF and change it after every riding weekend (the bike). No complaints or evidence of it not being a good idea yet... (knock on wood). Remember its the contamination (clutch stuff, aluminum and metal shavings) your removing, not because the lubricating abilities are wore out, therefore theres no reason to spend the $$ on synthetic ATF. But then thats just my .02
  9. adrenalinejunky81

    Offered an xl600 and xr 600

    So is one better than the other as far as frame strength or gearbox? Anything I need to look for like places the frames crack?
  10. adrenalinejunky81

    Offered an xl600 and xr 600

    What do you guys think? Im probably trading a toy for 2 other more useful toys (hopefully). Im offered an 87 XR600 with a 95 600 topend (single carb). Also a 87? XL 600 totally stock, both have titles and run good. Yay or nay? I was thinking to keep the xr and sell the xl before it breaks lol... I normally wouldnt be considering it, but its awfully dark at night on my KX500 Anybody want one? Ill try to get some pics asap.
  11. adrenalinejunky81

    89 KX500 Glamis (0-500ft elevation) setup? help...

    Oh yeah stator cleaning is this weekend, might have to break down and buy a new one if Im feeling rich
  12. adrenalinejunky81

    89 KX500 Glamis (0-500ft elevation) setup? help...

    8 scoops 2 1/2 deep +/-, maybe thats the problem. It chews them up in about 3 rides (days). Reason they come off when not at glamis....shit gets expensive lol...It doesnt seem to have the topend I thought it would, lots of bottom and low. Any chance the power valve gets stuck or something? Its the only thing I havent checked.
  13. adrenalinejunky81

    kx250 crankcase drain bolt size?

    If its stripped retap it to whatever is close and put a short bolt and a crush washer on. Ive got an oil change coming up on my 500, Ill get you a measurement off that in the next few days if needed.
  14. adrenalinejunky81

    Best Bike For Speed Demon

    Oh yeah comming off a 200, you might wanna make sure your life/med insurance is good for hopping onto any of the above.
  15. adrenalinejunky81

    Best Bike For Speed Demon

    KX500. bulltproof motor, chrome cylinder....a rebuild consists of a piston/rings at about 70bux. Cheaper than any work on a 4 stroke. IS a handfull on trails and does wear you out, but worth every bit of it. Easily found for under $1500 hard to get 50-60hp anywhere else for that much.