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  1. I believe my 530 has just sucked down the oil ring as the bike (all of a sudden) started billowing smoke like a chimney. My question is, can I pull the head and cylinder without pulling the engine? There doesn't appear to be enough room while in the frame. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
  2. Does the HID lamp put out more heat than the stocker? I'm curious to know because of the plastic lens.
  3. ddialogue

    2010 Wr 450

    That's EXACTLY why I switched to the KTM 530EXC. I wanted something street legal off the showroom floor that I could get a large fuel tank for. I love my KTM, but if/when Yamaha decides to make something comparable I will switch back in a heartbeat!
  4. ddialogue

    ktm radiator fan kit

    Can the 91 C unit from an '84 BMW 318i auto be purchased at any auto parts store?
  5. ddialogue

    Shim kits for 530

    I used Paochow's site and HD part number listing to make a shim set for my 530exc. $40 and one week waiting on the shims and I have a pretty good set to keep me going for a while. $3 per HD shim vs. $6 per KTM shim. As a side note, the guy at the HD shop asked what bike these were for and I told him it was for a v-rod. I didn't want any trouble...hehehe!
  6. ddialogue

    KTM Sticker Shock

    $9,500?? I paid $8300 OTD here in Idaho for my new 530exc. As a side note, when I was picking my new 530 up two weeks ago, the owner said he had a guy coming from California to pick up two 450exc's. Are they price gouging in CA? I hope it works out for you. I traded my WR450 for the 530 and I LOVE IT! Dave
  7. ddialogue

    2008 530 EXC-R Setup Questions

    I've got one ordered and it should be here on Friday!
  8. ddialogue

    KTM 530 EXC-R Service Manual?

    There is a complete write-up on how to check your valves over on ktmtalk . com. The user is PAOCHOW and he's got photos and everything. I'll be using that as a guide soon. He also sent me some useful information regarding shim types and where to source them from. PM me and I'll forward that information to you. Dave
  9. ddialogue

    KTM semantics

    I've heard three or four times already (from prior year 5xx owners) that my 530 is still only a 510. KTM's naming convention drives me nuts. Those crazy Austrians!
  10. ddialogue

    2008 530 EXC-R Setup Questions

    I had the same problem hitting the 'command console'. What I did was move the clutch lever over about an 1/8" inch to clear the switch. While solving that problem, I noticed the new design of the clutch master cylinder will only let you rotate the lever down so far (which isn't much) before it hits the bars. I prefer my lever down a bit further and with it down as far as it will go, I'm curious to see if my new Cycra hand guards (which aren't here yet) will even fit now. I was looking at a 2008 450 XCW Saturday and it had a different style clutch master cylinder (with the integrated hot start lever) and it clears the bars much better than the one on my 530. Regarding the starting/running problem...my bike was jetted so screwy that it would barely start and hardly keep running. At one point, I almost ran the battery down (like you) before I got it started. I spent several hours last night uncorking the muffler, rejetting the carb, and performing a 'cannisterectomy' on it. The catch can was 3/4 full of fuel and I had less than an hour of running time on it!
  11. ddialogue

    530 Carb Removal?

    See? I knew there was a trick to this! THANK YOU Sauce!!
  12. ddialogue

    530 Carb Removal?

    Unfortunately, I the carb won't rotate either direction. The new frame design is such that the top of the carb is half covered by the new frame. I'm going to take it apart again tonight and I'll take some photos for you all to see. I think shock/airbox removal is going to be the route to go on this bike.
  13. ddialogue

    530 Carb Removal?

    I feel like such a N00B with this new 530 EXC. I probably sat and stared at the carb configuration for 15 minutes last night trying to visualize how I can work on it without removing either the header, airbox, shock, or a combination of the three. The new frame design is such that I can't roll the carb to rejet it without removing it completely. AM I MISSING SOMETHING OBVIOUS HERE?? It was late last night when I dug into it and I want to break it in today so I put it all back together without making any changes to the jetting. I will attempt to install the JD kit tonight when I get home and give the bike a cannisteroctomy at the same time.
  14. ddialogue

    KTM 530 EXC-R Service Manual?

    Dealer called me back....the service manuals (on CD/DVD) won't be available until January. That's swell.
  15. I contacted my KTM dealership and ordered a service manual for my new 530 EXC. I would prefer to have it in digital format (rather than paperback) but I'm not sure if this option is even available. Any of you 530 owners have a service manual yet? Dave