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  1. Sandflea

    Ride your MX bike legally in the pines (one day only!)

    Should be another excellent MCI/Sahara Sands Harescramble....See you guys there.
  2. Last year's course was fantastic..nice mix of everything. I hope we get more of the same this year! See ya'll there.
  3. Sandflea

    MCI Hare scramble

    Looking forward to a great S.Jersey harescramble...and fresh trail!!!!! WHOO HOO!!
  4. Sandflea

    xr400 runs good then dies....

    Gotta love it when my buddy posts my problem for me... No, We didn't check the plug. Will have to check to see if the choke is completely off when it happens...I've used the choke only at initial start up. Starts clean without it and doesn't like it when I put it to 1/2 choke. Jetting is stock. Aftermarket FMF silencer. A little background...bought the bike a month ago from a guy that had it since 98, rode it less than 10 times, its a very clean bike, gas smelled like varnish, dumped it, drained the carb, the bike kicked over on the 2nd kick. Rich and I went for it's maiden voyage, initially it was pissing gas out the overflow, thought it may have some junk in it, tapped the bowl and ran it, overflowing stopped, ran fine for 4 miles then BRRrrrrur. Dies. Cycle the motor through, kick it, starts right up. Goes for a tenth and dies. Keeps doing this. We pulled the bowl and jets, they are clean. Checked the float, flows and stops the fuel as it should, cap is fine, does it with the cap off too, gas flows through the petcock fine also. What I noticed is, just before it's going to start to die, the throttle gets initially tight, not smooth through the twist like it was seconds before, like its hanging up or something just after opening the throttle, then it bogs and dies. Wondering if possibly the diaphram is cracked or perferated....ran fine for 4 miles then died or is the issue with the stuck flow (we took the plastic baffle plate out and it stopped any overflow, we thought the initial carb overflow was due to the baffle coming loose and hanging up the float). Ran the same with or without it. Before I go any further with the carb trouble shooting...any ideas?
  5. Sandflea

    KLR 650 Starter Motor

    Anyone have an idea what is the usual lifespan of the starter motor on a KLR650. Never had a problem with the 2 other KLR's I had. Mine is not engaging everytime I hit the starter button. It sounds like it is spining but doesn't spin the starter gear. (Battery needs replacing, may be a low state of charge issue) Is the starter rebuildable? or do I have to buy the complete unit if it is shot. A little extra info would be nice before I start pissing money away.
  6. Anyone know of a direct replacement for the stock KLR650, other than the Kawi headlight. Looks so much like the square auto lights seen in the autoparts store. Trying to go the cheep route here rather than to spend $60+ on an oem part. Thanks, Rob