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  1. bbrovold

    DR 650 Rear Shock Spring?

    I have a used 2003 and want to know how to tell if the shock spring is stock or not. Mine is red and others I have seen are yellow. I weigh 230 and the sag is set for 80mm and seems fine but I wonder if it is not a stock shock spring. How would I tell?
  2. I guess technically, if the painted ones used an aggregate in the paint (sand), they should be less slippery than the plastic variety. However, I treat them both with respect whether wet or dry.
  3. bbrovold

    anyone into bassfishing ?

    Not bass but I like to fish panfish with a fly rod. This year I bought a pack rod that fits in a tube 18" long and that combined with a small pouch for the flys and a few extras is very easy to take along. It's just nice to know you can have it with you if the mood strikes.
  4. bbrovold

    When To Adjust Valves

    Isn't valve recession a result of poor material used in the seats? This was a problem in early 80's BMW airhead motors and something they eventually addressed. Why hasn't Suzuki addressed this problem after this much time. Valves with today's technology shouldn't recede in my opinion and that is probably why the previous poster assumed that wasn't happening. B