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  1. Ive been offered a set of wheels. They are a set of black excel rims with silver Talon hubs which where on a 2004 KTM 125. Is there any difference between these wheels and my current standard KTM 250 SXF wheels. If they dont fit Would I be able to change the spacers or do any modifications to make these fit.
  2. GARY_470

    RMZ-450 seized motor

    My 2005 RMZ450 did the same. Worn the Rod bearing and crank pin. I heard the knocking noises and shut it off , this was from the piston hitting the cylinder head due to the excessive play in the bearing I just caught it in time before the bearing broke up. I had a full new top end rebuild for peace of mind £600 including labour. The mechanic said it may have been run low on oil at some time before I bought it. Ive rode it twice since and its running great again.
  3. GARY_470

    My Rmz450 Has Broken Down ( Possibly Valve Damage )

    Ive just got word today that the problem is that the big end bearing has gone and the knocking noise is from where the piston is hitting the cylinder head because of the play in the bearing. The tuner who is working on my engine said this is the 1st he's had with this problem and maybe the person who had the bike before me may have run it with low engine oil in it. Its now having a full rebuild so hopefully it will then run okay as long has I keep my eye on the cam chain tension and run the right amount of good quality engine oil in it.
  4. GARY_470

    My Rmz450 Has Broken Down ( Possibly Valve Damage )

    Thanks for all the advice. My engine is going in tomorrow to be stripped down , checked and repaired. Ill let you know what damage it sustained.
  5. GARY_470

    My Rmz450 Has Broken Down ( Possibly Valve Damage )

    My RMZ450 is an 05 model.
  6. GARY_470

    My Rmz450 Has Broken Down ( Possibly Valve Damage )

    Ive just took the cover off and it looks like it has jumped a tooth out on the timing marks. Ive re lined the timing marks up and it now has compression and runs okay on idle , but it stalls when I give it a good bit of throttle but will re start again when I kick it. going off this do you think it may only have done minimal damage to the valves.
  7. GARY_470

    My Rmz450 Has Broken Down ( Possibly Valve Damage )

    How much damage did it cause to your engine.
  8. I adjusted my cam chain this week due to it being slack. I made sure the engine was in TDC annd adjusted it according to the manual. I went out yesterday and after about 10 minutes of riding the bike lost power and cut out. The bike then started after about 10 kicks but stalled again because it now wouldnt tick over. There seems to be very low compression when I kick the engine over. Has this happened to anyone else and does anyone know what damage may have been caused. I only bought the bike 3 weeks and hope this is not going to be very expensive to repair. All advice is much appreciated.